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Witch’s Tavern – Thonglor

30 Apr

Witch's Tavern - Eddie's Original Burger

Witchs Tavern BangkokWitch’s Tavern

Thonglor (between soi 10 & 12), Tel: 02-391-9791,                 Website:


Rating: 5/10

Overview: Witch’s Tavern seems like a good place to have a low-key night out with some friends or a good spot to stop for an after-work beer. When I Witchs Tavern interiorwas there (early evening), there was a nice mix of foreigners and Thais (including some families). While they only offer one burger (see below), they do have a large menu featuring pizzas, pastas and tapas, etc. You would think with only one burger on the menu, they could do it right …

Eddie’s Original Burger: THB 320.- (US $10.70)

“Beef burger topped with fried onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo and cheese.”

Witch's Tavern - Eddie's Original BurgerThis burger was everything but what they said it would be. On their website, they say “It’s not only juicy but we reckon it’s the best burger in town … we use the best Thai-French beef and we make our sesame buns in house.” However, when I asked where the beef was from, the server told me he thought it was from Villa Supermarket (which likely means it’s Thai-French); but to be sure, I asked him to check for me. He came back and told me that it was imported beef … more specifically Australian imported beef. It’s not really a big deal to me where the meat is from, but I do think that information given to me should be accurate. Secondly, the bun wasn’t a sesame bun – or at least I didn’t see any sesame seeds on it (it tasted ok though). Again, not a big deal, but there seems to be a trend here – promise one thing, get another. Anyway, while the texture of the meat was nice and “meaty” and it didn’t have gristle, bone or fat in it – the patty was extremely hard and dry. Think hockey puck (almost). Flavor was bland and lacking. The only juice on my burger came from the fried onion. Also, the cheese that topped the burger tasted processed – like one of the cheese slices that comes rapped in plastic. I did like that the bun was toasted and the presentation was nice (served with two small sides of relish) … but that wasn’t enough. For the price of this burger, I expected more. The Verdict: Eddie’s Original Burger is not one of Bangkok’s Best Burgers. I should have skipped the burger and stuck with the buy 1 get 1 happy hour special on beers. Next time I visit, I’ll try the pizza.


Beer: Happy hour – 2pm-9pm(I think) – but 1 get 1 bottle beer and house pours

Serving Time: apx. 25 min.

BTS: Thonglor

V8 Diner

26 Apr

The V8 Burger_2

V8 Diner_logoV8 Diner

Sukhumvit Road (between soi 12 & 14), Tel: 02-229-4453 Website:

Rating: 7/10

Overview:  If it wasn’t for this blog, I don’t think I would have ever found myself going to this place. From the outside, it looks like a tacky wannabe diner. The inside is a tad better. It’s spacious and decorated with a lot of “supposedly” 50s V8 Diner Interiorand 60s memorabilia, but falls short of giving that genuine diner vibe. They boast an old jukebox, but it seemed like they failed to use it. There was a flat screen tv running MTV and a sound system sounding off the latest pop hits. Definitely not playing into the ‘rock and roll 50s style’ they mention on their website. All this said, I was pleasantly surprised by the menu on offer and the burger received. After we finished eating, the waitress asked if we enjoyed the burger. Which I thought was a nice gesture as it doesn’t happen often. She then explained that V8 recently changed ownership, and the new owner changed the burger recipe. She went on to tell us that some customers had commented that the old burger recipe was better. Since this was my first time there, I have no way of knowing which burger was better – but I can comment on the one I had.

The V8 Burger: THB 205.- (US $6.85)

“1/2 lb of 100% beef with lettuce, tomato and fried onions on a sesame bun.”

The V8 BurgerA V8, not quite. I’d say closer to a V7 Burger. Overall, it was a good burger – better than average, but not exceptional. I was told the burger was made from imported American beef, which I suppose is a good thing. It wouldn’t make much sense for an American diner to make burgers from imported beef from another country. Anyway, the patty was cooked nicely, leaving it juicy and lightly charred on the outside. The meat quality seemed good, and it was not fatty at all. The patty was quite flavorful – the only downfall is that it was a bit too salty. As I ate the burger the saltiness became more prominent and took away from the enjoyablity of the burger. The bun was fine, seemed to have been lightly warmed or toasted before serving, and the condiments were ok as well. The burger came with fries, but since I’m an onion ring fan, I took an order of them. Not worth it. Stick with the fries. The rings are lightly battered in bread crumbs, tasted like the frying oil and were limp – not a nice combo. The Verdict: Don’t judge a burger by the tacky exterior of the restaurant that serves it. It’s not one of the Best Burgers in Bangkok, but it is good and worth a try if you are in the area.


Beer: THB 70.- (US $2.35) and up – also a happy hour with THB 39.- beers

Serving Time: apx. 20 min.

Parking: Yes. 1 hour free with stamp

BTS: Asoke


22 Apr

Nanaburger Hamburger


Sukhumvit Soi 4 (cart at the entrance to Nana plaza)

Rating: 3/10 (8/10 if you’re drunk)

Nanaburger StandOverview:
 Nanaburger is just what I expected it to be … a burger cart that caters to those who don’t care or don’t know any better. If you’re familiar with the area, you know most people don’t go to Nana for burgers, and I imagine it will stay that way for a long, long time. It’s not for a lack of effort though. Nanaburger has 4 different styles of burgers available, including a beconburger [sic], eggburger and cheeseburger. When asked where the hamburger patties were purchased, the girl working said she didn’t know … she’s not the owner. Service was fast and the “staff” spoke good English. If you’re looking for this stall, be sure to head down after 9.00 pm – that’s when it opens.

Hamburger: THB 80.- (apx. US $2.70)

“Beef patty on a bun w/lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup and mustard.”

Nanaburger HamburgerI came. I saw. I ate. There’s not a whole lot else to say. It’s a cookie-cutter burger: pre-formed patties and stale(ish) buns from Villa (I’m guessing). The patty is thin and chewy, and I found some bits of bone in mine. Was it edible? Yes. Will I be going back often? No. The Verdict: If you find yourself in or around Nana after dark (for whatever reason) and are craving a burger – this place is a step up from the McDonald’s 50 ft. away. Otherwise, I’d opt for one of the mixed kebabs (Shawarmas) on Soi 3.


Beer: N/A

Serving Time: Fast Food

Open: 9.00 pm – till late