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Thai Wake Park

27 Jun

TWP Burger Cut

TWP LogoPathum Thani, Tel. 02-904-7722, Website:

Rating: 4/10

Overview: On a recent trip to this wakepark, I was looking for something to eat and came across a burger on their menu. I know it’s a little ways outside of town, Thai Wake Parkand it’s not your average restaurant – but I figured I could kill two birds with one stone: have a fun Sunday trying to wakeboard and eat another burger for BBB. As you could probably guess, it wasn’t anything special …  but I’m not saying this disappointingly. I know people don’t go here to eat burgers. It’s a wakepark; and as far as wakeparks go, this one’s great.

Hamburger: THB 100- (US $3.33)

“Beef patty, cucumber, lettuce tomato, onion and cheese between two slices of toast.”

TWP BurgerI have to at least give some credit to this burger; it was the most interesting one I’ve had so far. The most obvious feature is that it was served between two slices of toast. Oddly enough, I liked this part of it. There’s something very homemade about a burger and white bread slices. Anyway, the patty was dense and chewy. It wasn’t very moist, but it was quite greasy. Flavor was ok, but a tad on the salty side. The veggies were fine as was the slice of processed cheese. As you can see in TWP Burger Cutthe photo, they cut the burger into 4 pieces. I would have preferred it not cut, but I can see why they did it – true to the Thai sharing style. The Verdict: I would not make a trip out here just for the burger – nor would I recommend you to do it either. But, if you’re in the mood for a relaxing afternoon mixed with a little water sport – then I’d say give it a try. Not the Best Burger (near) Bangkok.


Serving Time: 20 min

Parking: yes

Note: If you’re interested in going here, it’s best to check out their website for directions. They also list a number to call for English only speakers.

The Bull’s Head

22 Jun

Decathlon Burger Cut

The Bulls Head logoSukhumvit 33/1, Tel. 02-259-4444, Website:

Rating: 7.5/10

Overview: A lot of good things have been said about this place, and it seems to be a favorite among locals and expats alike. I’ve been here a number of times and have always been comfortable, and this time was no different. Located just a couple hundred meters away from the Phrom Phong BTS station (just around The Bull's Head Interiorthe corner from Robin Hood Pub), it’s centrally located and easy to get to. The last few times I’ve been by, I saw small crowds of people outside … and I imagine the inside was the same. I’d say this is a nice, cozy English Pub to stop by for a drink or two any time of the day, but after work is probably best. I’ve been told the Fish and Chips here are worth trying … but this blog is about burgers. With two on the menu, I placed my order.

Decathlon Burger: THB 260- (US $8.67)

“150g Thai beef patty, bacon, egg and lettuce on a toasted sesame bun.”

Decathlon BurgerNow that I’m writing about it, I wonder why it is called the Decathlon Burger?! I should have spent less time playing on my iPhone waiting for it to come and asked the waitress. Oh well, I’ll send them an email to find out. One would think that it would be made up of 10 things (deca = Greek for 10) – but looking at it, they’re shy a number of items – unless of course, they’re talking about spices and fillers. Overall, the burger was alright. The patty was extremely juicy. My first bite was like me squeezing a sponge and a constant Decathlon Burger Cutflow of juice ran onto the plate. It was so excessive that I intentionally squeezed the patty to see if it would do it again – and it did. That said, the bun did not get soggy. The patty was well charred ,but very greasy on the outside, to keep the juices in. But something wasn’t quite right. Apart from the outside, the inside was quite soft – a little too soft. More fillers. The bun was ok, as was the bacon. I asked for the burger without the egg, so I can’t comment on that, but I doubt it would have made much of a difference. The Verdict: Solid burger, but its “performance” could be improved a bit. Good – but not the Best Burger in Bangkok.


Serving Time: 15 min

BTS: Phrom Prong

Parking: yes

Soi 8 Pub and Restaurant

17 Jun

Soi 8 Pub House Burger Cut

Soi 8 Pub logoSukhumvit Soi 8 (apx 100 m. in), Tel. 02-653-3144, Website:

Rating: 7.5/10

Overview: A couple twitter followers (SS & MF) pointed this place out to me last month, and I’m glad they did. I hadn’t heard of Soi 8 Pub before. I went around 8 pm and there was a nice crowd of people there – mostly expats. I got the feeling that Soi 8 Pub interiorit’s a “local” pub for many people, and the environment was quite comfortable (not the least bit sleazy). For sports fans, there are a lot of TVs placed throughout the space – offering one of the better sports viewing sets I’ve seen so far. Staff was ok – although once I got my burger, I was not checked up on once. They had a live music set going, but it wasn’t intrusive at all. Single guy on an acoustic guitar – good music. Now on to the burger …

House Burger: THB 180- (US $6.00)

“200g patty with mixed salad leaves, tomato and onion on a toasted sesame bun.”

Soi 8 Pub House BurgerOverall, it was a good burger, and I left satisfied. With regards to the patty, I was a little put off by the color. Not as evident in the photos, but it was really pale; which I assume is a result of some fillers being added. That said, it had good flavor and the texture wasn’t bad either. It was a little dry, but not too bad. I did appreciate the fact that it didn’t taste like meatloaf – which happens sometimes with burgers with fillers. The veggies were good, fresh. I liked the mixed greens, although for a simple burger I’m a fan of crisp iceberg Soi 8 Pub House Burger Cutlettuce – just a personal preference. Also, the lightly sauted/grilled onion slice was a nice touch. The thing I was most surprised by was the bun. I wasn’t expecting much because it looked like just another standard sesame bun and a bit small. Turns out, it was perfect for the burger. The Verdict: Not the best burger in Bangkok, but one of better ones. Worth a try if you’re in the area. (There’s even a Kiwi Burger on the menu if you like yours topped with beetroot & eggs.)

Serving Time: apx. 15 min
BTS: Nana