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Greenhouse Restaurant (Landmark Hotel)

28 Jul

Greenhouse Beef Burger Cut

Greenhouse Restaurant Logo 138  Sukhumvit Road (Nana BTS), Tel. 02-254-0404, Website:

Rating: 4/10

Overview: Centrally located and close to a BTS station, this place is easy to get to. There are two seating options, inside and outside. For this visit, I took a seat outside; I Greenhouse Exteriorfigured I could use a little “fresh” air, and it was a relatively nice day out (no rain and not overly humid). The tables outside are covered and there are a number of fans that blow a light mist out over the area. I took my seat and gave the menu a quick once over and found the burgers – they have 4 on offer: veggie, chicken, beef and lamb. I asked the served about the size of the patty and origin of the beef and he quickly replied “Australian Wagyu”. I asked if he was sure, and he said that he would check again. Turned out to be 200g of imported Australian beef, but not Wagyu. I put my order in and waited.

Beef Burger: THB 330- (US $11.00)

“200g Australian beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, bacon and cheese on a sesame seed bun.”

Greenhouse Beef BurgerI have to admit, prior to eating here, I had high expectations. I heard that the burger here was good, and I was looking forward to giving it a try. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t. From the very beginning, things started to go wrong. There was only one beef burger on the menu – with the toppings listed above (with optional mushrooms), but when they brought me my burger it had an egg on it and none of the other toppings. I thought this was a little strange because I had a conversation with the waiter about what I specifically wanted on the burger … and an egg wasn’t even an option. Anyway, they took it away and 10 minutes later they Greenhouse Beef Burger Cutbrought me another one. I’m not sure if it was the same patty or not, but the one they gave me looked a bit hard and dry. As for the way it tasted … not good. It was extremely salty and sour. I’ve never had a sour burger before, and I hope to never have one again. Salty and sour aside, I found a few big chunks of grizzle and a piece of bone in it. It’s like they wanted to make this experience a bad one. The bun and the bacon were the only good things on this burger, and that’s not saying much. The Verdict: The longer I think about it, the more I dislike this burger. Definitely not the best burger in Bangkok.


Serving Time: apx 30 min

Parking: yes

Open 24 hrs

Jamesons Irish Pub

22 Jul

Jamesons Cheese Burger Cut

Jamesons Sign981 Silom Road (Under Holiday Inn), Tel. 02-266-7703, Website:

Rating: 6.5/10

Overview: Over the years I’ve passed by this joint and never really gave it much thought, but upon entering it I was pleasantly surprised. I went mid-week so it wasn’t packed, but there were a lot of people there. The crowd was mixed, with a majority of the customers being westerners – which was expected. The music playing was nice … but I may be a bit bias as right after I got there a Tom Petty song played – a personal favorite. There are plenty of flat screen tvs Jamesons Interiorthroughout for sports lovers and commentary (I’m told) is in English. In addition, there are 3 pool tables off to one side and a large wooden bar that dominates the room. Overall, I thought the atmosphere was nice, and it’d be a good place to have a casual evening with a group of friends. The menu has a lot on offer and seems to be reasonably priced, and they have a nice selection of burgers … including a “Big Boi” that boasts a 400g patty. I went with something a little smaller – the cheeseburger.

Jamesons Cheese Burger: THB 315- (US $10.50)

“200g beef patty, lettuce, tomato and blended Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese on a sesame bun.”

Jamesons Cheese BurgerI’m not a huge fan of “soft” burgers, and this one was borderline on the soft side. That said, the patty was cooked perfectly and had decent flavor – the most prominent tasting seasoning was the ground pepper, which was nice. I did however feel it was necessary to add a little ketchup to add a bit more salt to the overall flavor. The patty was made from a blend of local and imported beef (I think it was 80/20 – but I can’t remember for sure). The cheese on the burger was good, as were the lettuce and tomato. The downfall of this burger, for Jamesons Cheese Burger Cutme, was the bun. The bread was good, but it was too dense and there was too much of it. The bun overwhelmed the patty, and that is never a good thing. To be fair, I was told that they are “in between” buns at the moment; so if you visit this place sometime in the near future, it is possible that your burger will be on a different bun. All said and done,  I walked away full. The Verdict: Nice pub to have a relaxing night out, but not the best burger in Bangkok. Will return, but will probably go to take on the Hot Wing Challenge!


Serving Time: apx 20 min

Parking: yes

Side Note: Connected to Jamesons is –5 Ice Bar, if you’re looking for a place to chill out after a burger and a few pints, this would be a great place to start. You can read about it here in a nice post from Koh Spot.

Hard Rock Café – Bangkok

18 Jul

Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok Legendary Burger Cut

Hard Rock Glass LogoSiam Square Soi 11, Tel. 02-658-4090, Website: Hard Rock Website

 Rating: 7/10

Overview: It was mid-afternoon and this place was full … of tourists, which was pretty much inline with what I had expected. I think you could go to a Hard Rock anywhere in the world and it would be filled with visitors from other countries. Service was good, the Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok Interiorplace was clean and the music fit the environment; it was nice to be somewhere that wasn’t playing a bossa nova version of the latest pop/rock song. Anyways, tucked in the back of Siam Square – this place is easy to get to via the Sky Train. I took my place at the bar and looked over the menu. It was packed with burger variations – 12 beef burgers and 1 veggie burger – I took on the “legendary” 10 oz. burger.

Legendary 10 oz. Burger: THB 600- (US $20.00)

“284g Australian Angus Beef patty, fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, bacon, pickle and cheddar cheese on a toasted bun.”

Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok Legendary BurgerAt 10 oz., this is probably the largest burger I’ve eaten for this blog thus far, but for some reason it wasn’t completely satisfying. There was something a bit artificial about it. Perhaps it was because it was served in a restaurant chain. Or it could have been the little flag sticking out of the top of it; it’s hard to say. The beef patty tasted fine; it even had a charcoal grilled taste to it and the grill lines to match, but it seemed to dry out quickly. Is this even possible? I’m not sure, but I could have sworn it was moister when I first started eating, and by the time I was halfway through, it was pretty dry. As for the toppings, all were fine. Probably the Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok Legendary Burger Cutmost prominent flavor on the burger came from the pickles. Out of all the burger places I’ve been to so far, I think this is only the 2nd place to put pickles on the burger (BBQ Sandwich King being the other). This is neither good nor bad, just an observation. The bun was ok – I like that it was toasted with butter. At the end of the day, Hard Rock has all the elements needed to make a great burger – quality beef patty, fresh ingredients and good condiment to patty and patty bun ratios – but somehow along the way the resulting burger comes out as being just good – not great. The Verdict: A legend soon to be forgotten.  A good burger, but not the best burger in Bangkok – and for the price, I expected to be wowed. (THB 700+ after tax and tip)


Serving Time: apx 15 min

BTS: Siam