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Molly Malone’s

28 Aug

Molly Malone's Beef Burger Cut

Molly Malone's logo1/5-6 Soi Convent (off Silom Rd), Tel. 02-266-7160, Website:

Rating: 5.5/10

Overview: I dashed here from work for lunch hour for a change of scenery and (hopefully) a good burger. This place is located close to both the skytrain and MRT, so it’s relatively easy to get to. The Molly Malone's interiorneighborhood is pretty busy more or less all day, so I was expecting there be a substantial lunch crowd; however, upon entering there were only a few customers sparsely sitting throughout. The interior was spacious and clean, but the atmosphere was lacking – it was a bit stale inside. I picked a seat on a bench along the wall by a window and ordered the Beef Burger, which they claim to be “100% beef grilled to perfection”. Perhaps a bit of an over claim.

Beef Burger: THB 345.- (US $11.50)

“150g beef patty, lettuce, tomato and onion on a sesame bun.”

Molly Malone's Beef BurgerIn my first bite of this burger, I found a piece of onion pulp (apx. the size of a 10 baht coin/US quarter). The truth is, I didn’t even know what it was … it looked like some sort of mushroom and had similar texture to one. I called over the waitress and asked her what it was; she didn’t know either. It was off to the kitchen to find out. She came back and told me it was part of an onion. Apparently they throw whole, long onions and beef in an in-house grinder to make the burger mix.  My burger had so many pieces of “onion” — its 100% beef claim might be 5-10% high. Anyway, Molly Malone's Beef Burger Cutthe flavor was on the bland side and the patty a bit dry. Not a great combo. The bun on the other hand was nice. It was fresh and all sides were actually crispy. It actually looks like the same bun they use at Bangkok Burger Company, but I’m not sure. The sides (coleslaw & fries) were good, and I particularly liked the spicy relish served on the side in a shot glass. It was a nice condiment and went well with the fries. The Verdict: Unfortunately it wasn’t worth the effort it took me to get there or the best burger in Bangkok.


Serving Time: apx 15 min

BTS: Sala Daeng

MRT: Silom

The Robin Hood

22 Aug

The Robin Hood Cheeseburger Cut

The Robin Hood LogoSukhumvit Soi 33/1, Tel. 02-597-5971, Website:

Rating: 5/10

Overview: I like this pub. It’s close to my house, easy to get to and has some pretty good happy hour specials. I went in the early afternoon and was expecting it to be more or less empty, but it wasn’t … there were a good 20-25 people in there. Service was lacking; my server just seemed to be going through the motions … no expression whatsoever. Also, like many other places, as soon as you get your food there is no follow-up on the experience. The interior is comfortable, and there 2 floors you can choose to sit on – each with booths and tables. In addition, there are a lot of TVs throughout the place, usually showing a nice range of sports/athletic events. Now on to the burger …

Cheeseburger: THB 300.- (US $10.00)

“200g beef patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese on a sesame bun.”

The Robin Hood CheeseburgerThis burger was s0-s0. On the up side, the patty wasn’t soft and mushy like at some of the other English pub’s I’ve been to. On the down side, it wasn’t that tasty. In fact, it was a bit sour … not as sour as the burger at the Greenhouse, but enough to make note of it. I also found a number of chunks of grizzle and some other questionable bits and pieces as well as a 2-inch strip of onion skin in the patty. Top that off with yellow lettuce (the hard bits close to the core) and a single tomato slice and you’ve got yourself a not so great burger. The Robin Hood Cheeseburger CutAll that said, the bun was good. It was placed on the griddle to the point of being very crispy on the griddled side … and not burnt! This small detail added a nice crunch to each bite and made up for some of the negative aspects (like yellow lettuce). The Verdict: Pass on the burger, but stop by for a pint during happy hour. Not the best burger in Bangkok.


Serving Time: apx 15 min

BTS: Phrom Phong (exit 5)

Happy Hour (4-7 pm everyday): 50% off selected Draught & Bottled Beers

The Silver Dollar

12 Aug

Silver Dollar Cheese Burger Cut

Silver Dollar Exterior


Sukhumvit Soi 22 (Washington Square – see map),Tel. 02-258-2033, Website:

Rating: 7/10

Overview: I came across this place a few months ago when I was wandering around one afternoon and I made note that I would return. Its name conjures up thoughts of the old American Southwest and “once upon a time” stories of wilder days, and I imagine this place once lived up to all of Silver Dollar Interiorit. But today, it sits tiredly in a corner, unforgotten but also out of sight from the public’s eye. The interior is worn but comfortable – a small hole in the wall that reminds me of bars in the town where I grew up (minus the bar girls and add a few mounted deer heads). The menu is a nice mix of Tex-Mex fare, but as always I went for the burger. I placed my order and patiently waited.

Cheese Burger: THB 145- (US $4.83)

“Over 1/4 pound beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.”

Silver Dollar Cheese BurgerLike the venue, this burger arrived with no pretense – and I liked it. Simple, yet done right. The patty was slightly dense, but not so hard that it was a pain to eat. The size was good and the seasoning was just about perfect with the right about of saltiness. It was cooked nicely, but it could have been a tad moister. The bun appeared to be a standard store-bought sesame seed bun – nothing special here, but they properly buttered and toasted it … which made all the difference. The cheese on the patty was just a Silver Dollar Cheese Burger Cutprocess cheese slice, but it seemed to fit and went well with the burger as well as the venue. The lettuce, tomato, etc., were all fresh and good. The burger also came with a side of (slightly stale) potato chips – and somehow they complimented the burger nicely. The Verdict: Not a place to take a first date, but definitely worth a visit. It’s not the best burger in Bangkok, but it’s not bad either.


Serving Time: apx 15 min

Parking: yes

Family Friendly: Questionable

Additional Info: From what I gather, this place was the first bar to open in Washington Square in the mid 80s. You can read about some of the significance of the square here, in a small piece found in Time magazine.