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D’Pelican Inn

28 Nov

DPelican burger cut

DPelican Inn Logo6 / 7-9 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Tel: 02-663-5794, Website:

Rating: 7/10

Overview: After the closing of Larry’s Dive in this soi, I was hoping to find a replacement venue with an equally good burger. Enter D’Pelican DPelican Inn exteriorInn, which is just around the corner from the old location of Larry’s. Truth be told, I picked this place because of the name; I find it quite funny. Burgerwise, I wasn’t expecting much, but kept my fingers crossed. I wandered over to this place around 1 pm, and I was the only person there aside from the staff. They were all seated at a table in the back and I had to call them to get their attention. It was a nice day out, so I sat outside. I placed my order and 20 minutes later my burger came.

D-Pelican Burger: THB 170.- (US $5.66)

“beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard on a toasted sesame bun.”

DPelican burgerThe photo doesn’t do this burger justice, it was pretty big. I tried asking how many grams but just got a bunch of blank stares. Overall, it was a decent burger. I did think that the patty had a bit too much pepper in it, that combined with the mustard and onions made the burger quite peppery/spicy. If you’re not a fan of mustard, be sure to ask for it without as it comes with it. Meat quality and consistency seemed good to me; no major grizzle chunks and not overly greasy. The bun was nicely toasted and DPelican burger cutslightly crisp on all sides. Since I was the only one there and burger turnover is questionable, I was half expecting the bun to be stale, but it wasn’t, and I was happy. Veggies were fine, nothing of note. According to the menu, you also get your choice of potato with the burger, but I didn’t see this when ordering, nor did they advise me of this. So, I got fries. The Verdict: Not the best burger in Bangkok, but you could definitely do worse.



Serving Time: apx 20 min

BTS: Phom Prong

GIY: The Beef House (Prakob Beef Patties)

18 Nov

Minced Beef Cut

Prakob Beef LogoFrozen Patties (purchased at Tops), Website: N/A, Tel: 083.568.0888

Overview: A few weeks back I came across a brand of pre-formed ground beef and burger patties while grocery shopping. While I don’t really see the need for me to buy pre-formed patties since making my own is easy enough, I picked up a pack each to do a side-by-side comparison. A quick search online to see if I could find more information about this brand yielded pretty much nothing at all. However, based on their email address, it looks like The Beef House is a sub-brand of Prakob Beef Products Co. Ltd., which is a manufacturer/supplier of Halal beef products. Anyway, here are some shots of my finished burgers and some quick thoughts on each type of patty.

Frozen Beef Burger

Pack: 2 x 100g  |  Price: THB 87.- (US $2.90)

Beef Burger (patty only)Pre-formed and pre-seasoned, these patties didn’t really do it for me. The end burger was really dense and was over-seasoned; the flavor sort of reminded me of a sausage breakfast patty . The quality of meat falls somewhere in a gray area for me since I found pieces of bone, gristle and joint/tendon in it. Overall, this made a pretty bad impression on me and left me hoping that the minced beef patty would be better.

Frozen Minced Beef

Pack: 2 x 125g  |  Price: THB 69.- (US $2.30)

Minced Beef (patty only)These patties were slightly better than the Frozen Beef Burgers, but not by much really. I kept it simple and just salted them before I cooked them up. The consistency was looser than the beef burger patties and obviously had a beefier taste to them. Unfortunately I found pieces of bone, etc. in this patty as well … unlucky? Maybe. But twice is two times too many. I didn’t finish eating this burger.

The verdict: The Beef House won’t be making it into my house again any time soon.

Side-by-Side Cut: Beef burger/Minced Beef

Beef Burger CutMinced Beef Cut

Packaging Labels

Beef Burger PackagingMinced Beef Packaging

Gulliver’s (Suk. soi 5)

14 Nov

Gully's Grilled Burger Cut

Gulliver's SignSukhumvit Soi 5, Tel: 02-655-5340, Website:

Rating: 7.5/10

Overview: I was really hungry when I went here, which means I was probably a little less objective when eating this burger. I ate half of it before I started to think about what I actually thought about it. Anyway, there are a number of Gulliver’s Traveller’s Gulliver's ExteriorTaverns in Thailand; Bangkok has two, one in Kaosarn Road and one on Sukhumvit Soi 5. I went to the one on Sukhumvit. It was early afternoon and relatively cool out when I went, so I sat outside. There’s a pretty big outdoor seating area, and the place is far enough down the soi that you don’t have to worry about all the noise and pollution from the traffic on Sukhumvit road. I didn’t even bother to go inside, but I gather they have a number of TVs showing the latest sporting event and some pool tables as well. They have 3 different beef burger variations on the menu as well as a fish burger. I went with the Gullys’ Grilled Burger and a Beer Lao.

Gully’s Grilled Burger: THB 215.- (US $7.16)

“180g Aus. beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on a toasted bun.”

Gully's Grilled BurgerI left full, and this was a good thing. I have no major complaints about this burger. That said, I’m also not inclined to give it an outstanding rating – although good, I didn’t find it exceptional. At 180g, like the last burger I reviewed, expect to walk away with full tank. The patty was nicely seasoned and not overly greasy. I liked that the outside was slightly charred as well. I did find that Gully's Grilled Burger Cutit was a bit bready overall thanks to its hearty bun, but not to the point of ruining the burger. The bun was toasted well on the insides – leaving it quite hard on the burger sides and soft on the top and bottoms. I know that this is done in many places, but this bun was probably the “crispest” bun I’ve had thus far. I’m actually surprised the bun wasn’t burnt. This comment is just for details, it’s not a criticism. I liked it a crispy; it added some texture. The veggies were fine and the fries were hot – nothing special. The coleslaw was a bit sweet and warm, but I found it quite nice. The Verdict: Good burger, not the best in Bangkok … but it would definitely satisfy the burger urge of any traveller.


Serving Time: apx 15 min

Hours: 10.00 am – 1.00 am

BTS: Nana