GIY: The Beef House (Prakob Beef Patties)

18 Nov

Prakob Beef LogoFrozen Patties (purchased at Tops), Website: N/A, Tel: 083.568.0888

Overview: A few weeks back I came across a brand of pre-formed ground beef and burger patties while grocery shopping. While I don’t really see the need for me to buy pre-formed patties since making my own is easy enough, I picked up a pack each to do a side-by-side comparison. A quick search online to see if I could find more information about this brand yielded pretty much nothing at all. However, based on their email address, it looks like The Beef House is a sub-brand of Prakob Beef Products Co. Ltd., which is a manufacturer/supplier of Halal beef products. Anyway, here are some shots of my finished burgers and some quick thoughts on each type of patty.

Frozen Beef Burger

Pack: 2 x 100g  |  Price: THB 87.- (US $2.90)

Beef Burger (patty only)Pre-formed and pre-seasoned, these patties didn’t really do it for me. The end burger was really dense and was over-seasoned; the flavor sort of reminded me of a sausage breakfast patty . The quality of meat falls somewhere in a gray area for me since I found pieces of bone, gristle and joint/tendon in it. Overall, this made a pretty bad impression on me and left me hoping that the minced beef patty would be better.

Frozen Minced Beef

Pack: 2 x 125g  |  Price: THB 69.- (US $2.30)

Minced Beef (patty only)These patties were slightly better than the Frozen Beef Burgers, but not by much really. I kept it simple and just salted them before I cooked them up. The consistency was looser than the beef burger patties and obviously had a beefier taste to them. Unfortunately I found pieces of bone, etc. in this patty as well … unlucky? Maybe. But twice is two times too many. I didn’t finish eating this burger.

The verdict: The Beef House won’t be making it into my house again any time soon.

Side-by-Side Cut: Beef burger/Minced Beef

Beef Burger CutMinced Beef Cut

Packaging Labels

Beef Burger PackagingMinced Beef Packaging

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