On The Table – Tokyo Cafe

21 Dec

On The Table Tokyo Cafe - BangkokCentralPlaza Rama 9, 6th fl., Tel: 02.245.3921, Website: FB Page

Rating: 7.5/10

Overview: I decided to head to the new CentralPlaza on Rama 9 for lunch and was hoping to find a new burger place. I did a quick look around and came across On the Table. I’m a bit embarrassed On The Table Tokyo Cafe Rama 9to admit that I actually thought I found a new restaurant in Thailand and was sort of excited at the thought of being one of the first to write about, but as it turns out (after a quick online search) … I was a bit late to the table you could say. On the other hand, I guess it just means I don’t spend my days wandering around eating in malls (there are 3 other OTT locations in Bangkok). Anyway, the venue is/was nice; there’s something relatively calming about it. The menu is interesting and was actually nice to look at – appetizing food photos. If I wasn’t on a burger mission, I would have been happy to order other things listed – although saying that, nothing really comes to mind. Anyway, for being a Japanese/Italian restaurant, I was almost positive that if they had a burger on the menu it would be a Wagyu one … I was happy to be proven wrong. Nothing against Wagyu; but I sort of feel a lot of places just put one on the menu because they like saying the name … Waa – gyuuu. Well, as the girl sitting at a table next to me was taking pictures of herself sitting at the table, I placed my order for the Angus Beef Burger and waited.

Angus Beef Burger: THB 310.- (US $10.33)

“150g Angus beef patty, lettuce, mushrooms, sautéed onion, bacon, mayo and cheese on a sesame seed bun.”

Angus Beef Burger First impression was a good one. I thought that as a whole, this burger was put together nicely. It was a big 150g, and I actually thought it was bigger before I asked the waitress to check for me. The patty texture was a bit springy but not to the point of ruining the burger. Also, there was a strong peppery seasoning, just shy of being too much. Overall the flavor was good though, and the other components went well with it. The burger usually comes with mushrooms, but I had mine without them. The cheese used is mozzarella, and as you can tell by the photo they don’t Angus Beef Burger cutskimp on it. Personally I would have preferred a different type of cheese. This one, when after it cooled a bit, took on more of a plastic-like texture. I suppose that could just serve as motivation to eat faster. The bun was nice. It was toasted, buttered (top and bottom) and then smeared with mayo. The sautéed onions added a subtle sweetness to the burger and went almost undetected. Fries were fine; nothing special. The Verdict: I liked what I saw, and I ate what I liked. Not the best burger in Bangkok, but a pretty good one.


MRT: Rama 9

2 Responses to “On The Table – Tokyo Cafe”

  1. Arthit January 6, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    The location of OTT at Central World puts me off. Being an island-type restaurant, all the food secretly cooked inside the hiding kitchen, I never eat there. Prefer the more Tokyo-stylee decoration at their Central Rama 9 branch, the food is OK. Will return and try the Burger this weekend.

    • BK_Hamburgler January 6, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      Cool – if you end up going, let us know what you think of it.