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Bangkok Burger Company

25 Jan

Bangkok Burger Company LogoThonglor Soi 10 (Opus Bldg.), Tel. 02-715-9407, Website:

Rating: 7/10

Overview: Like or not, this place isn’t going anywhere … or more accurately stated – this place is going everywhere. Business seems to be booming and there are plans to open up more branches across the nation. Awhile back I did a “preview” of this place Bangkok Burger Company Exteriorand didn’t really do a proper review. I figured now would be a good time to revisit the BBC and give my 2 cents worth. Obvious changes were the menu look, prices (gone up) and selection, but probably the biggest change was burger recipe; they’re still made with fillers and as a result are a bit on the soft side … however, in my opinion, the texture is much improved. The people behind BBC are adamant in communicating this burger is not targeted at expats/westerners … it’s targeted at Thais; and I guess they like soft, sweet burgers. Readers of BBB know that I’m not a big fan of soft, filler-heavy burgers – for whatever reason, they just don’t do it for me. That said, a 7 is most likely the highest score I could give to a burger of this style (and that might be pushing it a bit). Anyway, I knew what to expect when I arrived – I placed my order and waited …

The Bacon Cheese (large): THB 310- (US $10.33)

“150g patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, burger cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce and secret burger sauce on a sesame seed bun.”

Bangkok Burger Company The Bacon CheeseIf you’re bad at making choices, it’s probably best just to close your eyes and point … there are a lot of burgers on the menu. I went with the first option. With a choice of 2 sizes – regular (100g) and large (150g) – you can choose according to the level of your hunger pangs. To get into it, the patty is still on the soft side, but gives much more resistance than the old style (it no longer oozes out when you pick up the burger). Also, the patty is very sweet – this actually overpowered the meat taste; it’s not bad, it’s just different to what I’d
normally like. If you’re a fan meaty taste and texture, this burger is not for you. The toppings and bun all seem to be of high-quality – fresh veggies and a crisp, warm bun. There’s a “secret burger sauce” that comes on all burgers … it seems like a cross between mayo and 1,000 island dressing – adding another level of sweetness to my burger. You also get your choice of fries or side salad – a nice touch. We all could use more veggies in our diet. The Verdict: Good and soft.


Serving Time: apx 10 min

Credit Cards accepted (except when I tried to pay with one)

No Idea Café and Gastro Pub

18 Jan

No Idea Wagyu Beef Burger Cut

No Idea Logo8/3-4 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Tel. 02-663-6686, Website:

Rating: 8/10

Overview: Out with the old, in with the new. This place sits in the same location where Larry’s Dive once stood proud. You can forget about the cheap and artificial (albeit fun) beach-side No Idea Interiordécor of Larry’s; when step inside, you’re welcomed to a clean, spacious interior. You can sit upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, at a table or the bar. Prices aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re not too far out there either … since this is a “café & gastro pub”. Anyway, I took a seat outside – which turned out to be almost exactly where I sat when I went to Larry’s for a burger (except then I was sitting inside). I ordered a Phuket Beer (which is one of my favorite Thai beers) and the burger.

Wagyu Beef Burger: THB 320- (US $10.67)

“Wagyu beef patty, bacon, cornichons (aka pickles), onion, tomato, lettuce and mayo on a sesame seed bun.”

No Idea Wagyu Beef BurgerLet me first start by saying, I liked this burger. It was pretty good, but there were a couple of things that seemed a bit strange. The main thing was that the texture was pretty “beefy” for a Wagyu burger. I would have expected it to be much softer. Don’t read this as a complaint, because like I said – the burger was good; it just made me wonder if it was really 100% Wagyu that’s all. The second thing was the bun (lightly toasted), seemed a bit out of place. I guess I just expected something a little less generic – something homemade even. Anyway, I ordered No Idea Wagyu Beef Burger Cutmy burger medium, and it came out fine. I saw that the chef had cut it to see how it was done (see above in full burger shot) … points added for caring but lost for letting out the burger juices! The toppings were good. The bacon was nicely cooked and veggies were fresh – nice flavors all around. The potato wedges were great when first delivered, but they quickly lost their crispness and ended as being just ok. I especially liked the presentation, the burger was served surrounded by wedges. The Verdict: Not my favorite 8+ burger in Bangkok, but worth getting to know.


Serving Time: apx 15 min

Took Lae Dee

11 Jan

Took Lae Dee Hamburger Cut

Took Lae Dee LocationsSukhumvit 16 (Food Land), Tel. 02-204-2288, Website:

Rating: 5/10

Overview: I used to eat at this place quite often. It was near my office, cheap and had A/C – a perfect lunch destination for hot and humid work days. While there is nothing overly special about this restaurant; they are extremely efficient and, in my opinion, seem to maintain a Took Lae Dee Interiorrelatively high standard of cleanliness. Located in “lobby” of Food Land, this diner has a long bar with 20 or so seats and the open kitchen sits behind it. There are also a number of tables that are spread out in the space. There tends to be a busy work-day lunch crowd that keep the place buzzing, and since it’s open 24/7 it also is a good location for late-night munchies. I took a seat at the bar and ordered the burger … 5 minutes later, I was eating it!

Hamburger: THB 71- (US $2.37)

“beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo on a sesame seed bun.”

Took Lae Dee HamburgerFor the price and it being served indoors, it’s really a bargain. The burger comes with fries and a small serving of coleslaw on the side. I’m a fan of open kitchens: 1. they give me something to look at if I’m dining alone ,and 2. I get to see who makes my food and what they do to it. From my seat, I watched as the cook took a stack of pre-formed patties out of the refrigerator and slapped one on the griddle, and moments later it was sitting in front of me. The patty wasn’t anything special, but for 71 baht my expectations weren’t very high. Overall the flavor and texture was ok, but tt was a tad dry and sort of had a fast-Took Lae Dee Hamburger Cutfood taste to it, which it was. No bones, no grizzle. The bun was also toasted on the griddle – a standard, run-of-the-mill, store-bought kind. They put a sweet mayo or
salad cream on the burger, which I’m not really a big fan of, but it did help to slightly offset the dryness of the burger. The veggies were fresh. The fries were crisp. The Verdict: Like the name says – cheap and good. Not the best burger in Bangkok, but def. a good value for money.


Serving Time: apx 5 min

BTS: Asok