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Unico Grand

27 Mar

Unico Grand Cheeseburger Cut

Unico Grand LogoSomewhere out of town (map), Tel. 02-138-8319, Website:

Rating: 4.5/10

Overview: As of late, I’ve been dabbling a bit with the game of golf, which has proven to be as big of a challenge
Unico Grand Holeas finding the best burger in Bangkok. On my last visit to a course I found a burger on the menu – this was a big surprise, but a welcomed one. I was wondering when I would find the time to get out and eat a burger. Anyway, my expectations for this burger were pretty low – so I happily ordered it and waited. I knew at the very least, if it was horrible, I’d have something to write about.

Cheeseburger: THB 150- (US $5.00)

“beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, green pepper and cheese on a sesame seed bun”

Unico Grand CheeseburgerAt first glance, the burger didn’t look half bad. In fact, it looked good – I must say, albeit a little generic. The truth is, I think they even put some thought into this burger to make it a good one. 1. The bun was fresh and lightly toasted. Pretty amazing for a place on the edge of town. 2. There were pickles on the burger. Normally I wouldn’t think much about this, but I’ve only come across this a few times in all the burgers I’ve eaten in BKK. 3. The patty was cooked med/med-well. While they didn’t ask me how I wanted it done, they didn’t cook the H3!! out of it – which was nice. 4. All veggies were crisp and fresh – yeah, this should be standard. Ok, that said let’s get to the meat of this burger. Unfortunately the patty was quite hard. I wouldn’t say hockey puck, but close. Also, I did find a small chunk of Unico Grand Cheeseburger Cutbone in it. This is never a fun thing to bite into and is a definite downer. Flavorwise, it was ok … seemed to be all beef with a bit of seasoning. The Verdict: The burger was better than my golf game, but that’s not saying much. Not the best burger in Bangkok.

*Disclaimer: Golf course photo was taken from their website. I was a bit distracted after loosing so many balls in the water hazards, I forgot to take a pic of the course.

Charley Browns

23 Mar

Charley Browns Mexi Burger Cut

Charley Browns LogoSukhumvit Soi 11 (map), Tel. 02-651-2215, Website:

Rating: 5.5/10

Overview: I’ve wanted to try this place out for many years now … as it was one of Thailand’s first Tex-Mex restaurants (from what I understand), but for one reason or another, I had never made Charley Browns Exteriorit over until now. I went with a number of friends, so I was still able to sample some items other than the burger. Overall, I thought the Tex-Mex food was fine, but the servings were a bit small and expensive. Anyway, that’s really beside the point. The venue is comfortable, the staff friendly and they have burger on the menu – aptly named “the Mexi Burger.”

Mexi Burger: THB 210- (US $7.00)

Charley Browns Mexi Burger“150g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun.” For me this burger was pretty middle of the road. Not great and not bad either. The only thing that really stood out to me was the bun; I’m almost convinced that it was microwaved before it was served. It had a slight rubbery texture to it and was quite chewy … if anyone has ever (over)heated a bun in the microwave and let it cool down a bit, you’ll know what I mean. Of all the burgers I’ve eaten thus far, this was the only one with bun texture like this – a bit odd. Anyway, I ate it – like I do all the burgers. Although thin, the patty tasted ok – unfortunately I did find a small chunk of tendon or something in it … not a huge deal though, I suppose this happens from time to time. Toppingwise, I liked everything on it – I thought the addition of the sour cream added some character to it … and Charley Browns Mexi Burger Cutit was a nice departure from the sweeter mayo or “secret sauce” options. The description on the menu says that the salsa is supposed to come on the side, but it comes on the burger … they also mention jalapenos – but those weren’t present either … also they say toasted bun, but again, this wasn’t the case. Point being, there were a few inconsistencies there in the description and actual burger – oh well. On the upside – the small, seasoned potato wedges were good – and more or less stayed crispy throughout the meal. The Verdict: Puedo comerla, pero no fue la mejor hamburguesa en Bangkok. I’ll keep searching.

Other: Serving Time: N/A BTS: Nana


16 Mar

Cactus Fat Boy Cut

Cactus LogoSoi Cowboy, Tel. xxx, Website: N/A

Rating: 6.5/10

Overview: The location of this place will most definitely turn some away, and I admit that I was hesitant to even check it out – I’m not a huge fan of Soi Cowboy. I’ll skip over the description of the place aside from Cactus Signsaying that it’s a bit aged, quite small and dark – add what you know of Soi Cowboy and then you probably have a good idea of what’s going on. This is not a place to bring the kids. Anyway, over the past 3-4 months a reader (thanks S) has been letting me know when a burger was being served here. Apparently once or twice a month on a Tuesday or Thursday, the owner cooks up a huge burger, and after hearing so much about it, I had to give it a go. I was lucky not to have to go alone and was joined by one of the writers from KohSpot.

Fat Boy Cheeseburger: THB 250- (US $8.33)

“225g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and burger cheese on a homemade roll.”

Cactus Fat BoyWhile I love getting good value for money (which this was), I also want to be able to eat my burgers without too much trouble (not happening here). Anyway, let’s start with the beef. For me the patty was good. Loosely formed but not falling apart and lightly seasoned. I assume they only cook it one way since they didn’t ask, but that was ok, as I wanted to see what I’d get. Seems to have come out Med/Med-Well. The roll (bun) was a bit problematic for me – on one hand it was an awesome, extremely fresh roll that was soft while still providing the necessary body to support the patty; on the other hand, when combined with the patty and toppings, it was just too much; it was too big. As a whole this burger was too big and too bready. Point in case, the guy next to me took off the top side bun to eat his – which seemed to work better, but is it still a burger without the top bun? To effectively eat it I had to rotate from biting from the top and then from the bottom – hoping I’d get a mouthful of burger in there while I was at it – there’s nothing worse than getting a mouthful of bun(s) – unless that’s what you came here for, then that’s another story. Anyway, the owner does put some Cactus Fat Boy Cutthought into the burger, and I like that. On the top bun he spread a horseradish/English mustard combo – which gave it a nice, subtle kick. On the bottom bun, there was a melted slice of cheese (as well as 2 more slices of cheese on the burger) – this seemed to do a good job at keep some of the burger juices from saturating the bun. The veggies use seemed fresh, and I particularly like the lightly grilled onion slice (minus the outside ring/skin, which was too tough to chew). At the end of the day, I say not a bad effort at all. And with at least 10-11 others eating burgers when I was there … with more coming in, he’s got some fans. The Verdict: A ½-pound burger doesn’t seem to be too out of place in a soi that is known for its indulgences – but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Not the best burger in Bangkok, but good if you’re up for a greazzzy, sleazy night on the town.


Serving Time: N/A – this burger is only served once or twice a month (I’m told) and not on any set schedule …

BTS: Asoke