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The Royal Oak

23 Apr

Royal Oak Burger Cut

The Royal Oak Bangkok Sukumvit 33/1, Tel. 02-662-1650, Website:

Rating: 7/10

Overview: It’s been almost a 2 weeks since my last entry, but this wasn’t for a lack of eating burgers … I had three one night at a home BBQ and then made a pit The Royal Oak Bangkok Interiorstop at Firehouse for a burger last week. I had a pretty sad run of mediocre burgers and needed to remind myself that I actually “like” eating burgers. Anyway, this place has been open for a little while now, and it sits in the old location of Bull’s Head. There hasn’t really been a major overhaul, so those familiar with Bull’s Head should still be comfortable here. I took a place at the bar and placed an order for a burger. I had heard from a reader that the burger here wasn’t bad … and I was hoping their tastes were inline with mine. After a 16 minute wait helped by a cold Carlsberg, I found out.

Royal Oak Burger: THB 240- (US $8.00)

“200g beef patty, lettuce, tomato and onion on a toasted sesame seed bun.”

Royal Oak BurgerAfter my last visit to Heawen, I was really looking forward to simplifying my burger experience – I wasn’t looking for a gimmick burger or one that was smothered in a bunch of add-ons and flavors. I just wanted a plain burger, and thankfully that is what I got here. At 200g, the patty should be big enough to curb most hunger pangs. I ordered mine medium, and I think it came slightly overdone, but it was close. It was well seasoned and had nice flavor. I could spot some minced onions in it, and I think they may have used a small amount of filler in the patty it was a bit soft and the texture was a bit grainy … which I think might be Royal Oak Burger Cutthe result of being overworked. I also felt that while the burger was moist … it had more of greasy feeling to it rather than a juicy one. But all that aside, I was still happy with what was served to me. The bun was your standard store-bought variety, but it was nicely toasted and was warm to the touch.  The veggies were fresh and clean, and I actually liked that they served the burger with a lot of lettuce. The fries were fine, nothing to write home about. The Verdict: Not the best burger in Bangkok, but not a bad burger at all. Worth a try if you’re in the area. Also, at the moment they have a buy 2 get 1 Carlsbergs … not a bad deal.


BTS: Phrom Phong

Serving time: 16 min

Heawen – Closed

10 Apr

Heawen Penang Burger Cut

Heawen: For Burger DevilsK Village – 2nd fl. (Suk. 26), Tel. 02-661-5052, Website: Heawen_FB Page

Rating: 5.5/10

Overview: When this place first opened, I considered rushing over to check it out … but it sort of got pushed aside. To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on the idea of Thai-Heawen Interiorinspired, fast-food burgers – it seems more like a gimmick than a solid burger concept. In the end what got me to this place wasn’t the buzz around town about it, rather it was the foodie-duo from that called me up and invited me to join them. These guys run a great food blog that dishes up some great (and not so great) places to chow down. Anyway, in one review I read, it said that the burgers here have only 200 calories in them – which I personally would like them to prove because I think that this is almost impossible: buttered/oiled bun, 100g of beef, sauce … 200 calories, really? Even with 99% lean beef, this would be pushing it, and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would make a burger with that lean of beef … and who really cares if the burger is healthy if all it comes with is soda and fries! As for the interior, Heawen is nicely appointed – clean and spacious, although the booths are a bit (read: very) uncomfortable to sit in – best you choose a table … which shouldn’t be a problem, as when we went, there were no other guests dining in. We placed our order at the counter for our burger, and 8 minutes later they were sitting in front of us waiting to be eaten.

Penang Beef Burger: THB 170- (US $5.67)

“100g beef patty, lettuce, kaffir leaf, dried chilli, and penang sauce on a sesame seed bun.”

Heawen Burger MealAs far as fast food burgers go, I give them a bit of credit for the beef. The patty wasn’t one of those preformed frozen slabs you’d get at the golden arches or equivalent, and I didn’t find any chunks of grizzle in the meat. That said, I did think the burgers were a bit dry and over seasoned – especially the regular hamburger; it tasted like it had been dunked in a bucket of salt. As for the Penang burger, I can’t say that I was overly impressed or dissatisfied … it was ok. I thought that the addition of the whole kaffir lime leaves and dried red chilli, while adding a bit of authenticity to the dish, actually detracted from the overall experience since they were difficult to chew and breakdown. The bun was a bit on the sweet side, but that was not a problem for Heawen Penang Burger Cutme … and I think that it actually went well with the Penang spices in the burger. The fries were fine, not much to say about them. I also had an order of onion rings …to keep it short, they were bland. The Verdict: Glad I finally tried it out, but don’t see myself going out of my way to eat it again. A novel idea for novelty burgers, but not the best burgers in Bangkok.


BTS: Phrom Phong

Serving time: 8 min


3 Apr

Humble's Ultimate Burger Cut

Humble's SignSukhumvit 75/1 (On Nut area), Tel. 087-042-7067, Website:

Rating: 4.5/10

Overview: A reader recently pointed this place out to me, asking if I had yet tried Humble’s Ultimate Burger – I had not. And with a burger name like that … I put it at the top of my list. For the most part, burger Humble's exteriorrecommendations from readers have been good … so I try my best to squeeze them in sooner than later. Anyway, Humble’s is located a bit outside of where one would call central Bangkok … but to be honest, it’s not that difficult to get to. I took the sky train and all went smoothly. From the station, the place is about a 700 meter walk. Anyway, I thought that the space was very relaxed and casual … mostly outdoor seating, so probably best if you go when it’s not too hot or wet out (no A/C). They have a nice mix of western & Thai food at pretty reasonable prices and free pool & WiFi. As I was a man on a mission, I went with the Ultimate Burger – which on the menu it says this is “[Humble’s] signature!” … so my expectations were high.

Ultimate Burger: THB 225- (US $7.50)

“225g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon and melted cheese on a whole wheat bun.”

Humble's Ultimate BurgerLet me just say that I really wanted to like this burger. Having made my way all the way to On Nut, I was banking on finding one of Bangkok’s best kept secrets (burgerwise) – unfortunately, this was not the case. And as far as burger experiences go, this one was pretty bad. While this doesn’t affect my rating, I should start by saying it took exactly 46 minutes for my burger to arrive after ordering – and the place wasn’t busy, so I’m not sure what the deal was. When the burger arrived I asked what took so long and the waitress shrugged and said it was the normal chef’s day off. Anyway, at first glance something looked a bit off about the patty, so I touched it and it was cold. I asked the waitress to touch it too, so she could feel what I was talking about … and if there was ever any question, she could theoretically back me up on this. Anyway, to her credit, after she felt that it was cold, she offered to take it back – but I declined. If they couldn’t do it right in 46 minutes, I don’t even want to know what would have been done to it when it went back. Anyway, aside from it being cold, I noticed there wasn’t any
Humble's Ultimate Burger Cutcheese on the burger (as the description noted) – but what I did find was a piece of brown onion skin the size of a 10 baht coin or so. While I did think the patty had ok flavor … it was extremely dry! No burger juice whatsoever – which is odd for a 225g patty that was requested to be cooked to medium. Also, I’m guessing these patties aren’t formed to order – maybe preformed & frozen/refrigerated, which could account for some of its dryness – maybe.  The bun was ok – I think the same kind they used at Jurgen’s when it was open, but it wasn’t enough to make up for all that was wrong. There’s no way the burger I got could be anywhere near their standard … and I’m sure if/when done right – perhaps when the normal chef is in, it would be a pretty tasty piece of work. Unfortunately for me, my experience sucked. The Verdict:  If it’s on the menu and especially if it’s a signature dish, it shouldn’t matter if the normal chef is on a day off or not. Definitely not the best burger in Bangkok – I won’t be back for a burger any time soon.

Side note: the waitress was friendly and apologetic – and the overall atmosphere of the place was laidback. I understand they even do live music from time to time – Bangkok 101 did a nice write-up on them you can see here for a more general review of the place.


BTS: On Nut

Serving time: 45+ min