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Welcome to 2013.

1 Jan

First and foremost, I’d like to send out a big thank you to all the burger fans in Bangkok, Thailand and the rest of the world for your support over 2012. It was great year filled with some tasty burgers and I’m sure 2013 will hold more of the same for us all.

I have to apologize for not updating BBB over the last month or so, it was not for a lack of eating burgers  – it was because I was presented with an opportunity to invest in and become and partner in a restaurant (that also serves burgers) and we were working out the details. As a result, I didn’t think it would be fair or appropriate for me to continue to review and comment on other restaurants. Anyway, as of today, Jan 1, I’m now a partner in a restaurant (woohoo).

Now comes the difficult part. I love this blog and the community that reads it, and I’m not quite ready to give it up. So, moving forward, I am looking at ways to continue building and contributing to the site. One way is to change the format from being review based to being more straightforward, with photos and contact information, etc. Another way is to find some guest contributors. Either way … it will live on!

For restaurant owners, if you would like to offer meal deals to BBB readers, feel free to contact me and we can still pass those deals on to them.

Stay tuned and burger on!