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27 Jul

Brotzeit Bangkok Burger Cut

Brotzeit Bangkok ExteriorCorner of Thong Lor Soi 10,Tel. 02-392-3969,

Overview: About two months ago, I passed by this place in Thong Lor … and I thought that it looked interesting. Since then, I’ve had a couple of friends/people I know go there for beers and food, and the feedback has been more or less positive. So, I thought, “Why not give it a try?” I wandered over around 12:30 one afternoon … and other than the staff, I was the only one in the Brotzeit Bangkok Interiorplace. They have both inside and outside seating … and plenty of TVs throughout to watch the latest sporting event. Lots of beers, both bottles and draft. I can see how it could be a nice place to hang out with some friends one night … nice and spacious. Anyway, I wandered in to see if they had a burger on their menu … and they did, but with a couple of limitations. 1. The burger comes only as part of a set, and 2. they only serve burgers during their lunch offer from 12-3pm.

Brozeit Burger – Set Lunch THB: 299.- (apx USD 10)

“180g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, sun dried tomato, cucumber and tarter sauce served on sesame seed bun” 

Brotzeit Bangkok BurgerFirst things first, I think this burger set lunch is pretty good deal. You get a salad of the day, a burger and an ice cream for 299++. Not bad. Also, to start on a positive note, I thought that the staff on duty were all really nice and attentive – sure, I was the only one there, but it’s still worth a mention. Now let’s get into the meat of things. I’m going to keep in mind, and so should you, this is a German themed bar/restaurant … serving German beers and food. So, it’s safe to say that you should not expect an American-style burger here … it’s only logical. That said, here it goes … the patty was heavily seasoned and while not extremely dense, was tightly packed. You can see for yourself in the image.

Brotzeit Bangkok Burger InsideBrotzeit Bangkok Burger CutBrotzeit Bangkok Fries

I felt the seasoning really overpowered the meat taste and the overall takeaway left me thinking more about meatloaf than burger. But, there are definitely those out there that really prefer this style of burger, and if that is you … then you should check this place out. Bun and toppings were all fine … not sure the sun dried tomato flavors came through though. Both presentation and portions were nice, and I doubt you’ll walk away hungry. All other elements of the set lunch were great, salad was fresh and ice cream was cold. They have some happy hour specials as well that start at noon; so if you’re in the mood to pound some back early in the day, this might be a good spot. Also, I should note that some of the other item on their menu looked pretty good! A nice selection of German sausages and flatbread pizzas (I mention the latter because I plan on going back to try it … if anyone has already, please let me know how it is). Unbeknownst to me prior to going here, this is chain restaurant … with many locations throughout Asia … which is great news for beer and sausage lovers.

Brotzeit Bangkok set menuBrotzeit Bangkok SaladBrotzeit Bangkok Decoration