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Mali Restaurant

1 Aug

Mali Bangkok Michigan Deluxe Super Burger Cut

Mail Bangkok Exterior43 Sathorn Soi 1, Tel. 02-286-7311, Website: N/A

Overview: I found myself sitting in my office contemplating what I should eat for lunch, and contrary to what many may think about me, I actually don’t consume burgers every meal. Anyway, I figured I’d wander down Sathorn Soi 1, where I had read there was place with a decent burger – Mali. Before I left for the soi I did a quick google search of the place, and it came up with overwhelming good reviews … for Thai food, but I did see they had a burger so all was not lost.

Mali Bangkok InteriorMali Bangkok Decorations 2Mali Bangkok Decorations

Once you enter the soi from Sathorn, it’s on your left-hand side right before you come to the T-junction. I went in around 12.30, and there were two other tables of guests. Both tables seemed content. Ok, let’s get to the burger.

Michigan Deluxe Super Burger – THB 190.- (apx. USD 6.33)

“Made with Australian ground sirloin beef with chopped onions, mushrooms and garlic, served with French fries or homemade Michigan Potato Salad”

Mali Bangkok Michigan Deluxe Super BurgerFrom the name of the burger, you can probably guess one of the owners is from Michigan. Mali offers two types of patties – a basic one which is a standard frozen patty (bought at the supermarket) and then their homemade one … the “Michigan Deluxe Super Burger” one. The first one comes in a 100 baht burger, I was leaning towards that one, but in the end I went with house patty. You might wondering why I would want to go with the frozen one over the house one, well … it’s simple, I hate mushrooms. I can choke them down if I must, but I’d rather not. At this point, you’re probably thinking what I was thinking, just order it without the mushrooms! Which I did, but it turns out that the mushrooms are actually “in” the patty. I’m not a big fan of this, for obvious reasons … but for the sake of the blog, I took one for the team and went with it. Now, first things first, the burger was pretty damn big. I’d say 220g or so, but that’s just a guess. Some of the weight is accounted for with mushrooms, onions and garlic in the mix … and I suspect they might be using a bread-based filler as I encountered some bits that looked like bread crust in the patty. Anyway, the quality of the meat seemed good … no gristle. I did feel, for my taste, it Mali Bangkok Michigan Deluxe Super Burger Cutcould have used a tad more flavor. While the patty wasn’t dry, I sort of felt that a lot of the moisture in the patty came from the addition of the mushrooms/onions, etc. rather than from natural burger juices. The veggies were fine and the bun was your standard supermarket fare. Same goes for the fries. If you’re a Potato Salad kind of guy/gal, they do give you the option of Michigan Potato Salad over fries – I didn’t try it, so I can comment on that though. All in all, I walked away full. I’ll have to wander over sometime to try some of their Thai dishes, but what really caught my attention was their breakfast menu … looks cheap and good. I’ve attached a photo of it below for you breakfast hounds out there.


Parking: Yes

MRT: Lumpini (short walk from here)

Hours: 8.30 am – 11.00 pm

Breakfast menu:

Mali Bangkok Breakfast Menu