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Daniel Thaiger Burger Truck

30 Oct

Daniel Thaiger Burger Cut - Bangkok

Daniel Thaiger Burger Truck BangkokAddress: Varies (Sukhumvit 38 apx 40 meters in, check their FB page for daily locations), Tel. 084-549-0995, Website: here

Overview: Mobile food carts are nothing new to Bangkok’s food scene, but typically they’re attached to a motorcycle or something that resembles one. However, over the past couple of years we have seen food trucks slowly trying to take foot. There’s a mobile pizza truck called Pizza Aroy that parks out in Town-in-Town, and awhile back a Korean Taco truck called Kenji popped up on Thonglor; the latter didn’t last long (as far as I know), but it did get me wondering if this sort of thing could work in Bangkok — between traffic jams, car exhaust, rainy season, humidity, lack of seating and one’s dependence on A/C, could the food truck catch on? Well, it looks we have another entrant into the food truck scene … and this one looks promising (at least from a burger lover’s perspective).

Daniel Thaiger Burger Chefs BangkokDaniel Thaiger Burger Exterior_Interior BangkokDaniel Thaiger Burger FB Sticker Bangkok

If for nothing else, I love the simplicity of what’s on offer: 2 beef burger choices. That’s it. I don’t need tons and tons of options, I just need a good burger! (note: they do have a 2 sandwich options and 2 pork burger options for non-beef eaters) So, on that note, let’s get into the beef of things.

Thaiger Burger: THB 139.- (Apx US $4.63.-)

 “Apx. 125g freshy-ground all-beef patty, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and thaiger sauce (homemade 1,000 island) served on a fresh-baked bun.”

Daniel Thaiger Burger - BangkokWhen I asked the cook whether or not the beef was local, he replied “no, it’s special beef.” I’m not really sure what that means … where does special beef come from? Special cows? Well, to be honest, I don’t really care … and nor should anyone else for that matter. The beef tasted good. I’ve eaten a number of good burgers over the last few years; some made with local beef, U.S. beef, Australian beef, etc. and now special beef! Anyway, this is a burger after my own heart. I picked the more basic of the the 2 burgers — the alternative “Mr. Steve Burger” comes with bacon and cheddar. I thought if I added cheese and bacon, it might cover up any shortcomings of the beef … I mean, cheese and bacon make anything taste better, right?  These guys fresh grind their beef daily, hand form the patties and season on the grill. I ordered my burger medium and it came that way. Thank you.

Daniel Thaiger Burger Cut - BangkokDaniel Thaiger Burger Grill - BangkokDaniel Thaiger Burger Bun - Bangkok

The quality of the beef seemed good. The patty was moist, but not overly greasy. It was lightly seasoned, which I thought was good as the salt and spices did not overpower the meat flavor. For some of you, you might look at the picture and think that the outside is burnt. It’s not. In fact, these dark bits are packed with flavor. So don’t let the color turn you off. The bun was soft and veggies fresh. The burger doesn’t come with any sides or even guarantee of a seat, but there’s no shame in sitting on a curb to chow down one – if you need a side I think they sell fries … or better yet, order a tuna melt to go with your burger! Overall, I’d say this a welcomed addition to the Bangkok Burger Scene! If you’re in the area, check him out and let him know you read about him on BBB.

Here’s the menu if your interested to see what they have on hand, and a bit of Bacon Porn!

Daniel Thaiger Menu - Bangkok Daniel Thaiger Burger Bacon - Bangkok

MRT: Thonglor

Open Hours: Visit their website




Red Oven (Sofitel So)

28 Oct

So Sofitel Red Oven Black Label Burger Cut

So Sofitel Bangkok Red Oven SignSofitel So, 7th floor, 2 North Sathorn Road (Corner of Sathorn & Rama 4), MRT: Lumpini, Tel. 02-624-0000

Overview: I can’t remember where I read that there was a good burger at this place, but I do remember reading it. So, burger lover that I am, I made a mental note that I had to wander over and try it. I’m not a huge fan of hotel burgers, so it took me awhile to go for it … and as I’m sure you can see by the amount of recent posts, I’ve cut back on burgers quite a bit … I’m getting a bit pudgy. Anyway, when I think of burgers in hotels I think over garnished, over priced and under whelming. Which basically translates into: not worth the time or money. Ok, there are some hotels that have great burgers in this city (so I’m told) – and I’m sure there are some reading this that are thinking now ” the burger at The Four Season’s /the burger at the MET is  …,” yes, I will have to try these too, sooner or later.

So Sofitel Red Oven InteriorSo Sofitel Black Label table decoSo Sofitel Red Oven free salad

Back to Sofitel, the Red Oven restaurant is located on the 7th floor. I have to say, I like the space quite a bit. It’s spacious and is filled with natural light. There’s an entire wall of windows looking out over Lumpini Park and there’s even a terrace with outdoor seating. The menu is quite big, but since I was just there for a burger it narrowed it down to one choice. Perfect. So, on that note, let’s dive into the beef of this post.

Black Label Burger: THB 550.-++ (Apx  US $ 18.33.-++)

“250g Australian Black Angus patty on a black sesame bun, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, romaine leaves & pickles served with French fries and green salad.”

So Sofitel Red Oven Black Label BurgerI was told that they use a 250g patty for this burger – a “So Signature” dish, but I have to admit I felt that it was a bit smaller than I had expected it to be. Part of this could be because the patty itself was quite dense – I prefer my burgers to be packed a bit more loosely. Overall, I thought the flavor of the beef was pretty good. It had a nice, strong meaty taste – which I like, I only wish that it had retained some of its burger juices. It was a tad too dry for my liking. Now, I should mention that this is not a 100% ground-beef burger, there are some fillers in it. I know this because I saw a slight discoloration in my patty when I cut it in half, and then further dissected it trying to figure out why there were some greenish/grey spots (see photo at bottom of post) in my patty, and I came to the conclusion that it was bread crumbs mixed with seasoning and burger juices. I actually sent the burger back to ask where the color came from and to my surprise the chef came out to assure me that everything was ok. I asked if there was a bit of bread in the burger mix, and he said yes (as well as a bit of egg and milk). If you’re thinking, oh another meatball burger, don’t worry it’s hard to tell with this one. On the other hand, having to work in fillers and such does have the potential to overwork the hamburger – resulting in a denser burger. Also, I suspect that the bread does suck some of the juices out of the meat – although in this case, I think they’re probably using a leaner cut. I should also just throw this out there, my burger came with a fried egg on it. When I got it, I said to the waitress that it didn’t say it came with a egg on the menu, and her reply was “oh, so you don’t So Sofitel Red Oven Black Label Burger Cutwant it?” I politely answered no, and she walked about 10 meters and had someone take it off and then put the plate down in front of me and walked off. Well, this post is getting a bit long, so I’m going to finish up. In short, I didn’t walk away blown away by the burger … and for this price, I don’t really see myself going back to have it again. I did think that on a whole though, the staff were great. In particular, there was a woman who seemed to be a manager of sorts as well as the chef. The manager (?) saw I had been waiting for awhile and came over to let me know it would only be a bit longer, then they gave me a small Caesar salad to help pass the time. Also, the chef came out once after I commented on the color of the burger, and then came out again later to show me what the patty looked like before it was cooked and to say that he will look into the color issue a bit more … and then he came out again a 3rd time and gave me a fruit plate. I was surprised and grateful that he took the time to come out and talk to me. Good job.

Here’s a burger shot w/egg (as it was served), pic of burger discoloration and Menu:

So Sofitel Red Oven Black Label Burger with eggSo Sofitel Bangkok Black Label Burger DiscolorationSo Sofitel Bangkok Red Oven Black Label Burger Menu

Somewhere on Sathorn

16 Oct

JM Bangkok Burger ExteriorAddress: Undisclosed, Contact Info: N/A

Overview: This is going to be a slightly unconventional post – mainly because I want to tell you all about a place that exists without actually telling you the name of it or where it is exactly. What’s the point you might ask; well, the point is if after reading about it you want to go then I’m sure you’ll find a way to find it. Also, to be quite honest, I’m sure many of the readers here know about and have been to this place already. Those that do know it, typically don’t want many others to know about it … lest it becomes packed with a bunch of self-proclaimed cool kids.

First things first, there is both a bar/restaurant and a restaurant in this compound. I went thinking that there was only a bar/restaurant (meaning one venue – the one I wanted to go to) … only to find that the bar/restaurant was not yet open, but the restaurant was. That was a bit of a downer, because what I love about this place is that they serve some pretty good American and Mexican imported beers at about THB 100 a bottle. You know what goes great with a 100 baht bottle of imported American Beer … that’s right, a burger. Unfortunately, the bar was closed … so no beer. But the restaurant did have Dr. Pepper (THB 30), which was probably a better option as it was just after noon and I had to go back to the office. Enough rambling, on to the burger.

Cheeseburger: THB 105.- (Apx. $3.50 USD)

“Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and American cheese on a sesame seed bun, served with chips and coleslaw.”

JM Bangkok BurgerHonestly, there’s not much to say. I doubt anyone actually makes a trip here just for this burger (aside from me); it’s more of a “ehh” than “wow”. It actually sort of reminded me of some cheap burger you’d buy at a school picnic or something like that. To fair to the restaurant, I don’t really think it was/is open to the general public. I think it is there for employees and families of employees. When you enter this particular compound you have to give your I.D. (when they then give you a badge) and then enter through 2 doors and gate …. which opens into another gated area. On the day I went, the gated area wasn’t locked and I was able to wander further into the compound alone (although the badge I had said that I had to be escorted on compound grounds).  Anyway, point is, I wans’t  blown away by this burger. After the fact, I did see they had a U.S. burger & Fries on the menu for THB 2.10 — this probably would have been a better option.


JM Bangkok Burger Cut JM Bangkok Burger Menu