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Capulus Coffee & Tea – closed

26 Nov

Capulus Bangkok Beef Burger Cut

Capulus Coffee and Tea Bangkok Logo12 Pradit Manutham 15 (see map), Tel. 086-606-1151, Website: here


Overview: For my last burger adventure, I wandered a bit outside of my normal Sukhumvit zone and headed towards the CDC/Crystal Park area. This particular place is located a bit before the U-turn point about 50 meters down a soi. I was actually planning on trying a new place out on Sukhumvit Rd, but just before I left my house I saw an email from someone telling me about this place. I have a few free hours, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It turned out to be not that far away – traffic was good, so it didn’t take long at all to get there. It’s not a fancy place, but it spacious and comfortable. I particularly like that there is a lot of natural light.

Capulus Bangkok ExteriorCapulus Bangkok Interior 2Capulus Bangkok Interior 1

The menu is not that big. As the name suggests, it’s more of a cafe than a restaurant, but they did have burgers … hence my trip over. For you non-beef eaters, they do have a pork option. While I was there, there was one or two other tables. Both of which ordered burgers as well. Anyway, let’s just get into the beef of things.

Capulus Beef Burger: THB 139.- (Apx. US $4.63.-)

“160g beef patty topped with lettuce, sauteed onions, cheese, homemade mayo and special sauce served on a homemade bun”

Capulus Coffee and Tea Bangkok Beef BurgerSo first things first, when I ordered the burger, I was not given the option of how I wanted it cooked. This was interesting to me, but I figured I just leave it to luck on what came back. I was betting it was going to be cooked well well done. Turns out I was wrong; it came about medium. First impressions, I thought it was a nice looking burger. The secret sauce seemed a bit all over the place, but I don’t mind putting down a messy burger as long as there’s some napkins within arms reach. The sauce looked a bit like gravy, but the taste was much sweeter … almost like a teriyaki sauce. The patty for me was heading in the right direction. I wasn’t blown away by it, but I was happy to see a couple of things. First of all, it’s all beef – no fillers. That’s a plus. Secondly, they did not put a lot of other stuff in it. Aside from seasoning, I do not like finding big chunks of onions or mushrooms, etc. in the patty. Now talking about seasoning, I thought it could have used a tad more salt, it was a bit bland for my liking, and probably could use a bit more fat for a juicier burger. Also, although I thought the bun was nice, it was a bit bready for me. The burger didn’t come with sides, but they do have a few different fry options for side dishes. I went with the tater tots. There’s something about those little potato balls … they’re just fun to eat. Overall, I’m happy I wandered over to this place, if for anything, to support a small neighborhood business. While I was there, I had a little chat with the owners. A nice couple trying to run a small cafe. If you’re in the area, pop in for a drink or bite. Apparently they have some nice teas on hand, but I really wouldn’t know anything about that.

Capulus Bangkok Beef Burger CutCapulus Bangkok Tater TotsCapulus Coffee and Tea Bangkok Menu

GIY: Burgers & Beer

17 Nov

Rogue Oatmeal Stout Beer and BurgerHere’s a little fun fact: I like beer almost as much as I like burgers .. although I’m not quite as selective about the beer. I’m not a beer geek so to speak … but I recently sat down with a couple of guys who are. I wanted to do  a quick post on what is arguably one of the best food and drink combos in the world – there’s milk and cookies, wine and cheese … and then burgers and beer!

Anyway, who better to sit down with then some guys from Beervana, the company that more or less kickstarted the craft beer boom that we are now experiencing in Bangkok. So to set it up, I sent them an email and about a week later we met up. I knew it would be almost impossible to turn down such a meeting.

Rogue Black LagerSo here’s how it went down. We met at a burger joint, Beervana brought a range of beers and we drank them as we ate burgers. It was awesome.

Now I know at some point between popping the top on the first bottle and me going home I was “educated”  on the different qualities and flavors of the beers. There was a bit about the types of yeast used in beers: top fermenting (for ales) and bottom fermenting (for lagers) … there was something else about roasted hops and then I sort of lost it. I find it quite difficult to take notes when I’ve got a burger in one hand and a beer in the other.

Anderson Valley IPA Beer and Burger Bangkok Rogue Rye beer and Burger BangkokRogue Chipolte Ale beer and Burger Bangkok

I think the Beervana guys told me they offer something like 70+ craft beers (on sale for both businesses and individuals) – we tried 5. They were:

  • Anderson Valley – Hop Ottin’ IPA
  • Rogue GYO – Dirtoir Black Lager
  • Rogue GYO – Roguenbier Rye Ale
  • Rogue – Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout
  • Rogue – Chipolte Ale
Of these 5, the general consensus at the table was that #3 and #5 went the best with our meals. Personally, this came down to 1 thing – the others were a bit to heavy. It’s sort of funny, because ales are known to be heavier than most lagers, but this time, it wasn’t the case. As for the first ale, the Anderson Valley IPA, it had a pretty heavy Hop flavor (hence Hop Ottin’) which, again, was a bit much for me to put down with a burger. For me, I don’t want the flavor of the beer to overpower the burger.
So, where does that leave us? Right back to where we started. What kind of beer goes well with burgers? That is the question of the day. While I like beer in all shapes, forms and flavors, if I’m going to put it down with a burger, I’d have to say I prefer a lighter bodied beer. That said, since people’s pallets are different, I think the safest and most appropriate answer to the question “What kind of beer goes well with burger?” is “The cold kind.”
Beervana Bangkok BeerIf anyone is interested in learning more about craft beers in Bangkok or would like to give some of these beers a go … you can visit Beervana’s website for a list of venues that stock their beers … or I think you can even contact them directly to order your own.
Disclaimer: Like all of my posts, this is a n0n-sponsored post. I simply like burgers and beer. Aside from Beervana, there are also a number of other companies that are bringing in a whole range of beers from around the world.

KarmaKamet Diner

11 Nov

KarmaKamet Diner Bangkok Burger Cut

KarmaKamet Diner Bangkok Logo30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24 (road in between emporium and the park): BTS: Phrom Phong, Map from BK, Tel. 02-262-0700

Overview: If I had to give one word to describe this place, I’d say “charming.” Aesthetically it was one of the more detailed, well-done shops I’ve been to in a long time. I appreciate the attention to detail a lot. I’d like to remove all of the restaurant stuff and live there. Anyway, I won’t ramble on about design and such, mostly because I can’t be bothered to do so, but I will leave you with this link to another blog post that has a lot of great photos of the place, here.

KarmaKamet Diner Bangkok TableKarmaKamet Diner Bangkok InteriorKarmaKamet Diner Bangkok Interior 2

To be honest, when I went here, it wasn’t my intention to have a burger. I was actually hoping to have a waffle or something like that. However, when I first opened the menu it was to the page with the burger on it. After I saw it, that was it … I thought to myself, the waffle will have to wait; it’s burger time! So, let’s get to the beef of things.

A Little Bit of Indian Influence Burger: THB: 350.- (Apx. US $11.67)

 “Prime Minced Australian Sirloin with a fine touch of Indian herbs, Gruyere, Carmelied Onion, Cornichon, Dijon Mustard, Organic Table Tomatoes, Wild Rocket” – served on a sesame seed bun

KarmaKamet Diner Bangkok BurgerWow, with a description like that, I could not wait to eat this burger. Unfortunately, reading the description was the highlight of this meal. Well maybe that was a little harsh, it wasn’t all bad – but I had expected more. So first things first, placing my order. As usual, I put in my order for the burger and requested that it be cooked medium. The waiter (who was great by the way) gave me  a slightly odd look when I asked for medium, but he took the order nonetheless. A minute later he came back and asked me if medium-well was ok. I asked him why and he told me that the patty was already cooked! His reply was pretty straightforward, but it confused me immensely! Already cooked? I just ordered it! So I asked him, “what do you mean it’s already cooked?” And he said, “it’s already cooked … pan fried.” So I had my answer. When he said it was already cooked, he meant it was already cooked! Silly me. When I heard that I wanted to cancel, but I chose to eat on and take one for the team. Seriously though, who pre-cooks burgers?! This isn’t some cheap all-you-can-eat buffet where they’re kicking out burgers by the dozens. Ok, so let me get to the point, the patty was nothing special. In fact, I know technically it is a hamburger, but its execution was quite far from what I would say is great (according to my personal preference). It was a bit watery and slightly cool in the middle. Texture and appearance were a bit off for me as well. The flavor of the spices was actually quite nice but not enough to make up for the not-so-nice bits. Now that said, it wasn’t a total fail. Aside from the patty, I actually loved everything else about the burger. They didn’t skimp on cheese = big plus. Bun was nice – veggies clean and fresh – and dijon was a nice touch. The burger doesn’t come with any sides, so if you still want to order it after you read this,  you might want to order something to go with it if you’re really hungry. Verdict: I can see myself going back for a 2nd visit – staff were polite and efficient, space is beautiful – but next time I will probably see if they have the waffle I was hoping for.

KarmaKamet Diner Bangkok Burger CutKarmaKamet Diner Bangkok Burger Patty CloseUpKarmaKamet Diner Bangkok Menu