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Dallas Steak House

2 Dec

Dallas Steak House Lone Star Burger Cut - Bangkok

Dallas Steak House - Bangkok575-9 Sukhumvit Road (btw soi 31 &33), Tel. 02-662-3673, Website: N/A

A few months or so ago this place opened up, and with a name like Dallas Steak House, I was sure they would have a burger. I wanted to pop in right away, but I figured I’d let them work out the kinks first. It’s location is quite convenient (at least for those that take the BTS), just a block or so away from Phrom Phong BTS station where Coyote restaurant used to be. It’s a pretty big space, with both upstairs and downstairs seating … and I had it all to myself.

Dallas Steak House Interior - BangkokDallas Steak House Interior 2 - BangkokDallas Steak House Bread - Bangkok

There’s also a few flat screen TVs scattered about airing some random sporting events. This seems more for aesthetic purposes and less for diehard sports fans. Menu is reasonably priced and not too overwhelming. So, lets just get into the beef of things.

The Lone Star Burger: THB 315.- (Apx. US $10.50)

“250g of char-grilled beef served with lettuce, tomato, onion and your choice of cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, bleu or goat) on a toasted bun.”

Dallas Steak House Lone Star BurgerFirst of all, if you like big burgers, this is one for you. They actually have another called The Dallas – which consists of two 250g patties! Too much for me to put down – so, I’m happy I used better judgement and went with the one I did. Overall I enjoyed this burger. The patty was nicely cooked – I ordered medium and it came slightly undercooked, but it wasn’t really an issue. The meat was tender and  juicy – which is always a good sign. I did come across 2 big bits of gristle, but I understand that this happens from time to time and it didn’t ruin the burger for me. I felt that it could have used a bit more seasoning; this is probably more a personally preference, but it did come across as slightly bland. The burger also comes with a couple of sides: a scoop of coleslaw (which was small but good – I could have eaten a small bucket of it) and as the menu says “Jumbo Wedge Fries” … but that might be a bit of an over-claim because they are not jumbo at all. All said and done, it was a good meal and reasonably priced.


Dallas Steak House Lone Star Burger Cut - BangkokDallas Steak House Lone Star Burger Top - BangkokDallas Steak House Full Menu - Bangkok