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Sneak Peek: Lady Brett

20 Jan

Lady Brett Bangkok Red Logo

Lady Brett Logo Bangkok149 Sathorn Soi 12 (if coming down sathorn, cut across on soi 10), Tel.: 02 635 0405, Website here



Last week I attended a small birthday party of a friend at Lady Brett – and I just so happened to come across this beauty. I wasn’t really in the burger review mode, but I figured I’d snap a quick shot and share with you folks. My first thought was WTF are all those seeds on top for … but somehow it worked for me. I was starving and 2 glasses of bubbles down when I ate it, so I probably can’t objectively comment on it – but from what I remember, it was pretty good!  I was told this was a 4oz burger, but they will most likely serve a bigger one (6oz) on the menu once it’s set.

Lady Brett Burger low res

I will go back sometime in the future and do a proper taste test … but until then, if any of you guys try it out, please let us know what you think in the comment section.


Junker and Bar

12 Jan

Junker and Bar Burger Cut - Bangkok

Junker and Bar Sign - Bangkok454 Suan Plu (on the righthand side, just after you pass Soi 1), Tel. 085-100-3608, Website: here

Here’s an unassuming little place stuck in the middle of quite a busy soi. I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed at my first attempts to visit this shop. I had stopped two days in a row, only to find it closed. Normally, I would move the venue to the bottom of my to visit list after being shutout twice, but the burger gods were on their side and I gave in and went back a third time.

Junker and Bar Exterior 2 - BangkokJunker and Bar Exterior - BangkokJunker and Bar Interior 1 - Bangkok

The place isn’t huge, nor is it fancy – both of which work in its favor. From what I understand it’s owned by a couple of Thai guys, one of whom I met while I was there. It sounds like they are both very passionate about what they are doing, and that was a good sign. One is a chef and another a mixologist/bartender – sounds a lot like the dynamic duo that’s behind Escapade. Anyway, let’s just jump into the beef of things.

Australian Wagyu Beef Burger – THB 190. (Apx US $6.33.-)

“110g beef patty, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and mayo served on a custom made bun.”

Junker and Bar Burger - BangkokIt wouldn’t be accurate to say that I had high expectations of this burger, but I was expecting to get something that was half-way decent. On a whole, I’d say that whatever expectations I did have were exceeded. That said, upon its presentation, I could only think one thing … “where’s the beef?!” Literally, I couldn’t see it – I did a 360 turn aorund of it … and still nothing, not one peek of  juicy, brown goodness. I understand it’s 110g, which isn’t necessarily huge, but I started to think maybe I was in for a meal consisting of mostly bun and toppings.  It wasn’t until I cut into the patty that my slight panic subsided … all of a sudden the beef had appeared – and it was looking good. Taste of the patty was simple, no fillers – not overly seasoned. I really enjoyed it. My only comments would be this: I felt that the grind was a bit too fine. Texturewise, I prefer to have a bit more body. Secondly, I felt that it could have been juicier. I wouldn’t say that the burger was dry, but there were really no burger juices at all. I asked the owner about this and he commented that Thai’s prefer burgers that aren’t too juicy, which I suppose is a valid rational.

Junker and Bar Burger Profile - BangkokJunker and Bar Burger Open - BangkokJunker and Bar Burger Cut - Bangkok

The toppings on the burger were pretty good. I particularly liked the tomato relish. It has a bit of bite to it – not too spicy really, just enough to remind your mouth that it has a job to do. While they say cheddar cheese, I say not. It could very well be cheddar … but of the processed variety. And, coming from Wisconsin, when I hear “cheddar,” I have very specific expectations. The bacon and lettuce, as expected. The bun I had was good, a little sweet, but I like that. I was told however that the bun I had was not their normal one – so don’t be surprised if yours looks a bit different than mine. Burger comes with a small side of fries as well. Overall, I think they’ve got a pretty good product. I could see myself going back at some point for another burger and some of their drinks. As I mentioned before, one of the guys is supposedly a pretty talented mixologist/bartender- so a tipple or two will be in order.


Dairy Home (Khao Yai)

5 Jan

Dairy Home Steak Burger Cut

Dairy Home Logo100 Moo 11, , Mitraparp Road, Phaya Yen Subdistrict, Pak Chong District., Nakhon Ratchasima (best you see map), Website:

If for nothing else, every new year brings about one thing – hope. A hope for freedom, equality, or an end to global warming. A hope for good grades, a better job or even a hot girlfriend. A hope that the annoying burning sensation is from the fabric softener and not from a lapse in judgment. But for me, I only hope that 2014’s burger experiences are better than this one.

For those that live Thailand you know that cool weather days are few and far between. Each year we get a handful of weeks (if we’re lucky) where the weather cools to what westerns would consider an pleasant summer day – this is our winter. To take advantage of such weather, I decided to take a little to trip to Khao Yai – a lush mountainous area of Thailand just a couple hours drive away – and it was here where I had my last burger for 2013.

Dairy Home ExteriorDairy Home ShopDairy Home Menu

I wasn’t planning on having a burger, but before we headed back to Bangkok we stopped at a place called Dairy Farm. Their restaurant almost looks like a miniature farm – they even have store fashioned after a little barn! They are known for their good food and fresh milk – I though I hit the jackpot. I thought to myself, “Where there is fresh milk, there are cows. Where there are cows, there’s beef! … Time for a burger!”  Talk about regret. Anyway, let’s jump into the beef of things.

Steak Burger: THB: 290.- (Apx. US $9.67.-)

“Beef patty, pineapple, tangy sauce, cheese and pickles served on a piece of toast.”

Dairy Home Steak BurgerAhh, if only the menu had a description of this burger before I ordered. In retrospect, I should have asked, but I was lured in by the item name “Steak Burger,” and I let my imagination run wild. I kicked off my meal with a cup of French Onion soup – the warning bells starting going off as soon as I got it …  they used a ¼ slice of processed cheese melted on top of an even smaller piece of white toast bread. Not a good sign (nor a good cup of soup).  Another bad sign came when I ordered the burger. I asked for it to be cooked medium and she said can not. I told her I didn’t understand why the couldn’t cook it medium – and she said because it is ground hamburger.  Got it. When the burger came, I was let down by presentation, but still hopeful, but my first bite quashed that hope in an instant.  Bottom line, the patty was too overseasoned, overworked and overcooked. It was dense and tasted like a salt bomb went off in my mouth.

Dairy Home Steak Burger CutDairy Home Steak Burger Top

Aside from that, none of the toppings worked for me – from the tangy sauce to the pineapple to the processed cheese and pickles – whoever thought this combination was good has a pallet from removed from mine. I will end this little rant with that – no need to continue. And since don’t’ want to end one year and start another with negative vibes, I will say this. The other dishes I had at Dairy Home were great. We had some sunflower sprouts and a black pepper ostrich dish, both thumbs up!

So, Happy 2014 to all you burger fans. Hope it’s a good one filled with some amazing burgers!