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TriBeCa Restrobar

6 Feb

Tribeca Wagyu Burger Cut Bangkok

TriBeCa RestroBar Logo BangkokNihonmura Mall (Ground Floor), Thonglor Soi 13, Tel. 02 712 9209, Website: here

Anyone who frequently cuts across Thonglor Soi 13 has most likely seen this place, or at least the little Japanese mall in which it resides. I pass it many times as I live in the neighborhood, and have been meaning to pop in for some time now. While this wasn’t my first choice for this burger meal, the traffic density pretty much made up my mind for me … gotta go somewhere close to home. So, with that said, here’s my 2 cents on the venue: 1. the booth I sat in was comfortable, 2. the space was airy and clean.

TriBeCa RestroBar Wall BangkokTriBeCa RestroBar Napkin BangkokTriBeCa RestroBar Menu Bangkok

This time around I didn’t get any interior photos; I figured that if you really want to see what it looks like, you can either google it or go to it! Seriously though, there was a table of people in one of the sections, and I didn’t really want to endure the looks they might have given me. So, let’s just move on to the beef of things.

Tribeca’s Wagyu Burger – THB 420.- (Apx. US $14.00.-)

“Housemade Wagyu Patty, Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Bacon Jam, Tomato (and greens), Brioche Bun, Steak-cut Fries”

Tribeca Wagyu Burger BangkokIf I was judging this burger like I did my high school girlfriends (mostly on looks), I’d give this one pretty high marks.* I thought the presentation was nice, and I actually was looking forward to chomping it down. Unfortunately, this burger was more than meets the eye … or would it be less? Anyway, I was hoping to be blown away, and I was just left wanting. First the things I did like about the burger: 1. Smoked bacon – I know, it’s hard not to like bacon, but I have to give credit where credit is due. 2. Bacon jam – this was smeared on the top bun – I’m not sure really what to say other than it was was nice. This was my first time trying it, and I hope to come across something like it again in the future. 3. The tomato. As for the rest of the burger, no so much. Firstly, the bun was not a brioche bun. I don’t really care about that, but it wasn’t what I had expected as the menu lists it as one. The bun I had looked nice, but I felt that it was much too dense. As for the patty, not my cup of tea. When people throw around the word “Wagyu,” it raises expectations (and also the price tag) … but rarely fits the bill. In this particular instance, I thought the patty was quite bland – it should have had much more flavor – rather than what I would describe as watered down burger taste. Part of this is probably a result of under seasoning. I understand that taste is subjective, but for me, a bit more salt/pepper would have gone a long way. The patty also had a bunch of stringy, fatty bits, which weren’t too appetizing.

Tribeca Wagyu Burger Cut BangkokTriBeCa RestroBar Fries Bangkok

And I found some chunks (red) onion throughout the patty, which I feel didn’t added anything in particular to enhance the burger. The fries were fine, and I liked the homemade (?) ketchup that was served with them. All things considered, if I were ever to return, I’d most likely skip the burger and try the Rueben or pulled pork sandwich … but who knows when that will be.

If you’ve been to this place and tried the burger or any of the other items, feel free to share your thoughts below!


*In the off chance any of my old high school girlfriends are reading this, I wasn’t talking about you.