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16 Mar

Chomp Beef Burger Cut Bangkok

Chomp Bangkok LogoSamsen Soi 1 (old town), Tel. 084-098-8633, Website: FB Page

A week ago I found myself with an open afternoon, so I figured I’d wander out of my comfort zone (Thonglor area) and explore a bit. I had received an email from one of the owners of Chomp a while back, introducing their shop and their burgers and I thought that it would be the perfect place to check out. So with a destination in mind, I wandered … I drove my Vespa – winding through endless rows of traffic in the hot Bangkok sun to get there — I now have a sort of Farmer’s fan to prove it. If you want to skip the traffic jams, apparently there are also klong taxi/river taxi stops relatively nearby … which might be a good option given the traffic I encountered.

Chomp Bangkok ExteriorChomp Bangkok InteriorChomp Bangkok Activities

First impressions were good; it’s not a fancy place, but it felt fresh and inviting. The place wasn’t packed, but to their credit they did have a steady flow of customers stopping in, some off the street and others as returning guests. I already knew what I wanted, but I had a look at the menu nonetheless, and there were plenty of interesting things there (homemade baby food, for example). For you veggie lovers/non-beef eaters (or those just in a veggie mood), Chomp offered two veggie burgers – a mushroom and tofu burger and a pumpkin burger. Anyway, I’m predictable, and I went with … you guessed it, a beef burger.

Beef Burger – THB 200.- (Apx. US $6.67.-)

“200g beef patty topped with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and pickles, served on a homemade bun”

Chomp Beef Burger BangkokI’ve had a week to think about this burger experience … and overall, I would say it was ok. What I liked most about it was that it really tasted homemade to me … and the patty even looked like how probably some of my first burger attempts finished up – a little rough but appetizing. While I don’t mind a bit of char on my burgers (in fact, I quite like it), this burger might have had a tad too much. Eye test said burnt a bit, but taste test said otherwise – it was fine. The taste of the patty was good, but it was heavily seasoned … it actually reminded me more of a meatball taste and texture rather than a burger; I was told after I finished, however, no fillers go into their burgers – so maybe this is a result of the grind size and seasoning method. Onion Alarm!! For those of you who don’t like onions, this burger is probably not for you as there are a lot of them mixed into the the meat. Probably my biggest complaint for this burger as well as credit to the shop is that I found number of large gristle chunks in the patty (see pic) – now, while this wasn’t nice, the reaction of the the owner really led me to believe this would not happen again. I wasn’t planning on saying anything, just go about my tastings alone … but the female owner came up and asked me how everything was. I figured that if I was going to write here, I could tell her about it to her face – it was the very least I could do. We had a conversation about the beef and how they prepare it … and she genuinely seemed to care about my comments and working to resolve the issue at hand.

Chomp Beef Burger Cut BangkokChomp Beef Burger GristleChomp Bangkok Wedges

Their shop, like many others are buying the beef, prepping it and the grinding it in house. It seems that the issue I had with the gristle was a matter of their kitchen guys trimming the cuts properly … she saved the bits to show the cook and the other owner. I really appreciated the fact that she did this, it shows to me she cares. Anyway, that’s the beef of the patty. The bun was nice as were the veggies on it. The wedges, on the other hand, were limp. As far as potatoes go, they tasted fine, but I prefer these things crispy! So, the verdict – would I go back? Yes, but probably not for the same thing. I would actually like to try the Pumpkin burger … I also saw wrap that another table ordered that looks pretty good. And, while I know it’s not about burgers, I’m guess there are few breakfast fans out there … and this place had a pretty decent breakfast menu … so, for your viewing pleasure, I posted a shot of that menu (along with the burger menu) below. Enjoy and happy burgering.

Chomp Bangkok Burger MenuChomp Bangkok Menu

Oh! I almost forgot – another cool thing about this place is that they have and support sort of a community space, where they host an number of activities and art exhibitions throughout the week. Including yoga and judo for kids and adults! Two thumbs up for that!