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Wine Connection Deli and Bistro

31 May

Wine Connection Beef Cheese Burger Cut

Wine Connection Deli & BistroSilom Complex (Basement), Silom Road, Tel.: 02-231-3149, Website: here

It has been awhile since my last post, but not for lack of trying or burger eating. I had been traveling abroad for my day job (and a bit for pleasure) and had come across a couple of burgers … but none worthy of writing about. Anyway, so now I’m back. Last week I actually tried to visit a place called Smile Cafe on Sukhumvit, unfortunately it was closed when I got there – which just extended my not posting a new burger here until now. During my lunch hour the other day, I decided to walk down Silom and see if I could come across a new place. But, after walking for a few minutes, I decided I was hot and I’d go to the first place I found that had a burger … and there it was, Wine Connection, actually to be more accurate – Wine Connection Deli and Bistro.

Wine Connection Exterior Wine Connection Exterior 2

I won’t go into listing them, but they have number of Wine Connection branches with different titles/themes in different parts of Bangkok … but to be honest, they all seem more or less the same to me. So, on to the beef of things …

Beef Cheese Burger – THB 220.- (Apx. US $7.33)

“14og beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion and tomato on a sesame seed bun”

Wine Connection Beef Cheeseburger Now, I’ll be brief about the burger.  I was told that it is built with a 140g patty – which for lunch, was actually a good size. While the patty didn’t appear to have fillers, I did feel that it was a bit dry, dense and salty — which are 3 adjectives that typically shouldn’t be used in the same sentence as “burger.”  The basic build of the burger was nice. They apply mustard and ketchup to the bun for you, and the proportions of it was good – not too much. The other toppings were fine, nothing of note. Now on to the wedges/fries. When they served them to me, the first fry I saw had a big black hair stuck to it. 10 years ago when I was in the states, this would have probably grossed me out much more … now I’ve been desensitized a bit.  I pointed it out to the server and they quickly apologized and brought me a new serving. I thought these little wedges were a nice break from the standard fry, and enjoyed eating a few of them.

Wine Connection Beef Cheese Burger CutWine Connection Beef Cheese Burger Fries

I’ve eaten at multiple Wine Connection locations across town a handful of times, and for the most part, each of my visits have been same. Efficient service, average yet not highly memorable food. Now, I don’t say that to be mean, I actually appreciate a place where the food is consistently consistent — you know what you’re going to get. I would say that Wine Connection does a good job at giving a sense of value for money and while overall the burger here was average at best, it would be ok in a pinch.