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Counting Sheep Corner

29 Jun

Counting Sheep Corner Beef Burger Cut

Counting Sheep Corner logo26/1 Sukhumvit 61, Tel.: 02 714 4477, Website: FB

I was a bit skeptical when my wife suggested we go check out a new(ish) cafe/restaurant called “Counting Sheep Corner” … it sounded more like a place kindergartners go to take a nap than a place to eat, but I went anyways … I had to eat, and I figured it is always good to check out new places. It’s a curious name, and there just so happens to be a similarly named place in Australia (along with the logo) … most likely the inspiration for this one (if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know – I’d like to know if it’s a knockoff or just a coincidence). Anyway, if you’re in the Sukhumvit area, it’s pretty easy to get to. The Ekkamai BTS station is close by, or if you drive, there is street parking. Anyway, after 3 km and 45 minutes later (we drove) … we arrived at this place. I had to admit, at first glance I was happy we went.

Counting Sheep Corner exterior Counting Sheep Corner Interior  Counting Sheep Corner Interior

I’m not a big fan of small cramped spaces, so I was please to find that this was not one of them. On our visit, there were a couple of other tables, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Their menu covers a whole range of things, including a bunch of breakfast options if you’re into that sort of thing. The dishes I saw come out all looked nicely done and presented. Anyway, for the purpose of my visit, I was there for one thing only … a burger.

Beef Burger – THB 320.- (Apx US $10.67)

“Apx 200g patty, caramelized onion, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, mayo and cheese served on a sesame seed bun.”

Counting Sheep Corner Beef BurgerFirst impressions were good. For THB 320, I was hoping that I’d get a burger to match the price … and by looks alone I felt like it came close. The menu didn’t actually list it coming with cheese or mayo, so if you do not like either of these two things, please keep that in mind when you order. First the good bits on the patty,  1. I felt the seasoning was good – not too salty or peppery. and 2. The subtle char flavor was nice, and I appreciated the grill marks on the patty. But, to be quite honest, the patty wasn’t really doing it for me. My biggest issues with the patty was the overall texture. I felt that it was way too soft/mushy. Texture is important to me, and while it might not be as big of a deal to everyone else out there … it does significantly detract from my dining experience. I think there’s really only one way it can get that way, and that’s from overworking whatever seasonings/binding agents into the meat. But, to their credit, as I mentioned before, the flavor was ok, so it wasn’t a total bust.

Counting Sheep Corner Beef Burger CutAside from that, I thought everything else was pretty good. The pickled beetroot really wakes up the mouth, and somehow eating that along with the burger made me feel a little less guilty about indulging, once again! I mean, beets are healthy are they not! Lettuce, tomato, onion … all nice, no comments here. Cheese in this case was ok, but I don’t think it really added much to it.  The bun was lightly toasted, and was soft and tasted fresh. As for the fries, your standard store-bought variety. Overall, I’m happy I tried it. The staff seemed friendly, and it looked like they all were enjoying what they were doing. Worth a visit if you’re in the area. I’ll be back, but will most likely move on to other items in the menu … also they appear to have some good coffee options (at least they have a good coffee machine, I didn’t try any coffee) and a nice little beer selection.

Lucky Beer Bar & Restaurant

14 Jun

Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant Cheese Burger cut

Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant sign133 Khaosan Road, Tel. 0-2282-6157, Website: N/A

Over the years I’ve spent in Thailand, I’ve wandered over to Khaosan Road a handful of times. I have to admit, it’s not really a favorite destination of mine, but with that said, it does have its upside. There’s cheep beer and almost everyone you meet there is genuinely happy; and why shouldn’t they be, they’re in Thailand (unfortunately some of them will leave thinking that Thailand IS Khaosan Road and Phi Phi).

Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant Khaosarn Road Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant ceiling

So why Khaosan? The way I see it, there must be a great burger somewhere around there … I mean it’s packed with foreigners, many of whom beyond the street-side pad thai, chocolate and banana crepes, and fried bugs will seek out Western food. This is evident with the always busy Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks that dot the area. Anyways, I wandered down the soi until I saw that Lucky Beer Bar had a burger on the menu … who knew, maybe I’d get lucky and find a great burger. I placed my order and waited.

Cheese Burger – THB 120.- (Apx. US $4.00)

“Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and processed cheese on a sort of toasted sesame seed bun.”

Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant Cheese Burger 1To end the suspense … I was not lucky. I was not even 1/2 lucky – which doesn’t even make sense, I know. Now before I get into the details, I do have to say that I appreciate that they tried to make their own burger (rather than go down the frozen patty route) … but that said, the result probably would have been better if they did the latter. So, let’s get into the beef of things. First things first – Presentation. My first impression was that the patty was quite small – which for 120 baht, I know I shouldn’t expect much, but I think they could have done something to make it look a bit more appealing. Maybe give it a smaller bun or flatten it out a bit so it didn’t look so lonely inside the bun. That’s just nitpicking, in the end size doesn’t really matter, right (or does it??).  Bun, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese – nothing of note – it is what it is.

Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant Cheese Burger cut Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant Cheese Burger 2 Lucky Beer Bar and Restaurant dessert

Anyway, with the cut, I was greeted by a nice bright orange greasy mess – and with that, my hopes for a great burger were dashed. I thought to myself “this is going to be way too salty” … and it was. I’m sure at some point after maybe 2 buckets and few bottles of Chang, this burger would be a godsend, but for me, at this particular time, it was anything but. After a couple bites I was done with my half and I called it quits. The fried scorpion I borrowed from the table next to me (a couple of really nice guys from England). They had managed to nibble down a pincher and leg, and left it at that. Seems they were as let down with their bug eating experience as I was with my burger … on the bright side, we can all tick one off our “to do” list in Thailand.

**And to Lucky Beer Bar’s credit, I don’t think people go here for burgers … I had a good time sitting here watching the Kaosarn crowd. Staff were friendly and efficient.