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Burger Bro!

10 Aug


Burger-Bro-Bangkok_LogoRama 9 Soi 49 (apx 200 meters down the soi), Tel. 082-793-8855, Website: here | Open: 10 am – 9.30 pm

First things first, big shout out to my friend “Don” who told me about this place – thank you.

Bangkok’s burger bubble hasn’t burst yet! In fact, it seems like more and more burger specific places keep opening up – including this new place … Burger Bro! – which opened about 2 months ago. The burger movement is incredible and amazing and deliciously inspiring. I love the fact that more and more people are embracing the burger as a real meal alternative (and see it not just as junk food). Anyway, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Yeah, yeah … get on with it and tell us about the burger, bro!”  I will, but let me say this first. There is something to be said about the soi that this burger place is tucked into. It seems to be home to a nice neighborhood-like restaurant row. As I started down the soi, I saw number of places, including what looked like a dessert bar (very busy), a Vietnamese place and a few other bar/restaurant types. So pretty cool actually, might need to check some of the other places out sometime.

Ok, let’s talk burger. The menu at Burger Bro! is pretty simple, and I think it works to their favor. They have a nice variety of meat selections/dishes – including beef, pork, chicken and lamb. I’ve attached a menu below; have a look for yourself.


Now I normally don’t indulge so much when I go burger hunting, but this time I couldn’t help it … which means this will be a very special post – and one that, for my health’s sake, doesn’t happen that often. During this visit, I actually ate 2 burgers (now I should say, I have been running more lately, so I figured I deserved it). I tried their “Regular Cheese Bro (Beef) Burger” and the “Special Bro Love ‘Em Wagyu Burger.”

Regular Cheese Bro (Beef) Burger – THB 80.- (Apx. US $2.67)

“130g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle slice, cheese and ketchup served on a toasted sesame seed bun”

Special Bro Love ‘Em Wagyu Burger – THB 300.- (Apx. US $10.00)

“200g Wagyu beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle slice, bacon, cheese and ketchup served on a toasted sesame seed bun”

Burger Bro Bangkok_Side by Side

Ok it has to be said, so let’s start with the Regular Burger. It was only 80 baht! And, to be honest, I haven’t come across a burger at this price for some time – and to top it off, for less  than 100 baht … it was pretty good. And good size too. If it didn’t fill me up, so what- I could just order another! Now let’s talk patties. Regular was 130g vs Wagyu at 200g. The regular one’s seasoning mix is a bit more complex and they are a little more heavy handed with pepper as well as have other bits like rosemary, etc. – all that said, overall seasoning was quite subtle. For the Waygu burger, it’s just salt and pepper – and to be honest, it was quite light as well and I didn’t really even notice the pepper. The big difference in taste here for me came from the fat/burger juice – it was much richer, as would be expected from Wagyu.

Burger Bro Bangkok_Side by Side_1

Anyway, so what does this tell me … well, in what I’m assuming were two 100% beef burgers with minimal seasoning … it tells me that the owner wants me to taste the beef! And, if that’s the case, I want to tell the owner “Yes! Thank You.” A burger has to be about the beef. I felt that the grind and consistency of both patties were pretty good. Generally I’m not a fan of ordering burgers with “Wagyu” in their name or description. Mainly because I kind of feel that it is an unnecessary extravagance; and if they are using a really good cut of Wagyu – why would you want to grind it up and burn off all the fat! Anyway, the Wagyu burger was ok, not too soft. With regards to the buns and condiments, nothing special here. Buns are your standard grocery store variety – lightly toasted before serving. Lettuce, tomato and onion all fresh. There’s a pickle slice as well, but it’s very mild. The cheese (processed slice) and ketchup are also fine. Wagyu burger also comes with bits of bacon on it and a small side of wedges.

Burger-Bro-Bangkok-_On-the-GriddleBurger-Bro-Bangkok_PresentationBurger Bro Bangkok_Fries

So here’s the verdict. This place is definitely worth checking out. I wouldn’t say that it is the best burger in Bangkok, but I haven’t said that about any place really for the last 3-4 years, so it’s not technically a knock against them. The staff were friendly and efficient and the overall feel of the place is quite comfortable. It’s a good value for money (even drinks, etc.) and I would assume burger joint would be kid friendly as well. There is both indoor and outdoor seating.

Know of any other cool or interesting burger joints? Share them with us in the comment section below or on the BBB Facebook page!






El Osito

6 Aug

El Osito Hamburger Bangkok

El-Osito-Bangkok-Logo888/23-24 Mahatun Plaza (BTS: Ploenchit), Tel. 026514399, Website:

Here’s a little Spanish lesson. By adding “ito/ita” to the end of a word it makes it the smaller version of the object in question or a term of endearment. For example, “el oso” means “bear” in Spanish … by adding “ito” to the end of it, it makes it “little bear”. Ito vs. ita all depends on the whether or not it is a masculine or feminine word (indicated by an “el” or “la” in front of the word. Now you know. Anyways, it was lunch and I was looking for a burgerito (note: not a real word) – and while I had been planning on going to some French place for a burger, for some reason El Osito popped into my head. I did a quick search on their site and saw that they served a burger during lunch hours (11.30-4.00) — perfect … I said “au revoir” to the French place and “hola” to the little bear.

El Osito Bangkok Menu El-Osito-Bangkok-ExteriorEl Osito Bangkok Interior

It should be said that this place is known for its deli sandwiches, rather than its burger. I was almost tempted to skip the burger altogether and go for a rueben or Cubano – but alas, I stuck to my guns and ordered a burger. Their plain hamburger to be exact. Now they do have a few different burger options, including a pastrami cheeseburger and a chicken burger for you non-beef eaters. Burgers come in either a set or a la cart … I went with a set, which let me choose a side salad, fries or chips as well as a drink. Now on to the beef of things …

Hamburger Set Meal- includes side & a soda: THB 230.- (Apx. US $7.67.-)

“Apx 150g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and special sauce served on a toasted sesame seed bun.”

El Osito Hamburger BangkokLet’s just get into it. First bite had me thinking this tastes something like a better version of the Big Mac. It’s the special sauce. I’m still not sure how much I actually liked the special sauce, but it was on the burger and there was no turning back. Just a word of warning, if you’re adverse to onions, you may want to order without the special sauce as there are diced onions mixed in. Now on the patty, overall I liked the simplicity of it. I ordered mine medium and when it was served I could already see some of the glorious burger juices dripping out … calling me to chow that mother down. Seems to have been an all-beef patty with just a tad of seasoning – salt was the only thing that really stood out to me – this was good for me; I want to taste the beef! Texture and consistency were good, but I did find 4 pretty big chucks of gristle and a piece of hard cartilage – the latter not so fun to bite in to. The bun, lettuce, tomato and onion, all nice. When I first cut the burger, I thought that bun looked a bit big compared to the patty, but it turned out ok. The side salad was simple and it wasn’t “soaked” in dressing (which I appreciated) – nothing really of note, but it did make me feel less guilty than if I had chosen the fries!

El Osito Hamburger Bangkok El-Osito-Bangkok-Side-Salad

Overall I actually enjoyed the burger, and if you’re in the area, it might be worth a try. As I hinted to earlier, burgers are only served over their lunch hours, so best to go in then unless you have a penchant for disappointment.

As always, thoughts or comments are welcome. I understand that my comment section had been blocked somehow recently, but it should be up and accessible again … or you can also pop over to our Facebook page to drop a comment or tell us your thoughts on where to find the “Best Burger in Bangkok”.

Keep on burgering …

Orn The Road

2 Aug

Orn The Road Executive Plain Burger Cut close up

Orn The Road LogoBetween Thonglor Soi 11 & 13 (opposite Grass Thonglor), Website: here

Jack Kerouac wrote in his book On the Road “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved.” … and I’m sure he meant to include … “mad about burgers.” or at least he should have. When it comes to true burger lovers, they have that inner drive to hit the road and seek out new and unexplored burger experiences … in pursuit of the ultimate/ best burger or something close to it. So with that said, I introduce to you “Orn The Road” … the latest burger truck to hit the streets of Bangkok. This little burger truck is run by, you guessed it, a woman named Orn and her husband. Now to be quite honest, when I first heard there was another burger truck I was a bit skeptical and wasn’t expecting much of a burger (this feeling is not only for burger trucks, I also feel like this for restaurants too), I even had a back-up dinner waiting for me at home in case my gut feeling was right. Fortunately for me, it was wrong – in fact, even before I received my burger my expectations grew. I won’t get into the history, but I will say this for those of you who have been in Bangkok for some time, you may recognize this husband/wife duo … they are no strangers to the food scene here (that includes the burger scene) … in fact, they’ve been around for more than 2 decades. Ask them about it; I’m sure there are a few interesting stories they could tell you.

Orn The Road Burger Street View 1 Orn The Road Burger Line Orn The Road Burger Street View

Anyway, let’s focus. Orn the Road has a handful of burger options. I’ve included a photo of the menu for you to check out yourself. They have two sizes Regular (pork or beef) and Executive (beef).  Regular (S) is 130g of local T/F beef or select pork cuts, Executive (L) is 150g of T/F beef but using more premium cuts. Also, I believe the seasoning of the patties is slightly different, but I can not confirm that as I only had the Executive – Plain Burger.

Plain Burger (Executive) – THB 220.- (apx US $7.33) [Regular burger starts at THB 120./$4.00]

“150g beef patty, lettuce, tomato and red onion on a toasted sesame seed bun”

Orn The Road Executive Plain BurgerFirst things first. What really stood out to me is that this burger is char-grilled (OVER CHARCOAL!) … and you won’t find that in the  other burger trucks or in most restaurants here for that matter. I’m not saying this way of cooking is better than the others, but it does give a wonderful char-grilled flavor … and for me, that is really a taste of home. There really isn’t a lot to say about this burger. They kept it simple and it works. Aesthetically, for people who are afraid of eating “burnt” food … you’ll have to just try and forget about the outside and remind yourself that it isn’t “burnt” – it’s char-grilled! The patty is 100% beef with salt and pepper seasoning. The grind had a nice consistency and wasn’t packed to densely. I ordered mine medium, and it came that way. Lettuce, tomato, red onion & bun .. all fresh and fine. You can opt to order a set meal that includes fries for 30 baht more, but for my belly’s sake, I just stuck to the burger.

Orn The Road Executive Plain Burger Cut Orn The Road Executive Burger Grill Orn The Road Burger Menu_Bangkok

Overall, I’m thrilled that this place opened in my hood (I live in the area) … and I’ll surely be back at some point. If you want to check this place out, be sure to check on their FB page to make sure they are there … for now, I think they are closed on Sundays & Mondays … and serving from 6 pm till late all other days.

Have you tried the burger here? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on the BBB Facebook page!