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Hemingway’s Bangkok

8 Dec

Hemingways Papa H Cheese Burger Cut

hemingways_logo1 Sukhumvit Soi 14,  Tel. 02 653 3900, Website: here

Now, I’m feeling a bit guilty as I write this … as you can see by the number of posts over the last month or so, I’ve been trying to cut back on burgers a bit. But instead of eating healthier, I just replaced the burgers with a whole bunch of other tasty foods that were not particularly good for me. Anyway, my plan is to just do a few sets of push-up in-between paragraphs – my goal is 220 – one for each gram of beef in the burger I just ate. Enough of that, let’s get to it. Hemingway’s is located in a cool colonial house just off of Sukhumvit 14 (right around from the Asok intersection). A restaurant called Los Cabos once called this building home, but that was some time ago now . That said, even back then, I liked the vibe there.

Hemingways_Exterior Hemingways_bar Hemingways_placemat

There’s a lot of nice outdoor seating and trees … you’d almost forget that you are actually in downtown Bangkok here. There’s some parking for those that drive or it’s just down from the BTS – so very convenient. Anyway, now on to the beef of things …

Papa H. Cheese Burger – THB 300- (Apx. US$ 10.00)

“220g Australian all-beef burger, char-grilled, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, & choice of cheese”

Hemingways Papa H Cheese BurgerI can tell you this much, when I saw this burger, I wanted to eat it. It looked big and juicy … and I was one hungry boy. I ordered it medium, but I’d say that it came a bit under done. Not a big deal – I suppose getting these burgers just right is one of the few “fat burger” challenges  – another one being, how do you get your mouth around them. Anyway, it wasn’t love at first bite, but it was a pretty good burger. The patty wasn’t too complex and wasn’t over seasoned … and from what I could tell, it was really all-beef! Quality of beef seemed good; no gristle or tough bits to mention. The bun & veg toppings were fine. It comes with pickles on top as well (not mentioned on the menu)… which if you don’t like you can just order without or take them off. I like pickles, but not typically on my burgers if they are too tart – these were not, so for me it was perfect. You all get your choice of cheese – which is nice … Cheddar, Swiss, Blue or Mozzarella. I took cheddar – it was a sharper one.

Now, I should mention just  two things stuck out to me: 1.) the texture was quite soft, overall — both the bun and patty. Now this is just a personal preference, but I like a little more resistance when biting down. Anyway, on the plus side, this made it much easier to fit into my month (so, this was not a fat burger problem). 2.) It was a bit on the greasy side for me. I won’t complain too much, as this is what sometimes makes burgers great … but I could have done with a bit less. Again, this could just be my guilt talking …

Hemingways Papa H Cheese Burger Cut

The burger also came with a side of curly fries and a little ramekin of coleslaw. Fries were fine, but I felt that the coleslaw was a bit boring … was dry and just tasted of cracked pepper. The crunch of the veggies was nice, but a little “zing” would have been appreciated. Overall, I enjoyed this burger experience, and I’m not really sure why it took me so long to go over and try it. I went during my lunch hour and had the outside sitting area virtually to myself. And, it being winter and all in Bangkok, I took full advantage of it and savored every second of semi-fresh air. If you’re in the area, worth checking out.

Hemingways ColeslawHemingways Papa H Cheese Burger 2 Hemingway's Burger Recipe_recipe624



Open from  11:30 am until late

Side Note: With very little “googling” I came across one of Hemingway’s (so they say) favorite burger recipes – see yellow photo above (right) … now it doesn’t look like the one above was inspired by it (other than the fact that they used beef and the part of the name) … but if you’re bored, give the recipe a go at home and share your photos with us on the BBB Facebook Page!