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Smokin’ Pug

24 Feb

SmokinPug_BBQ Burger Cut Bangkok

Smokin' Pug Bangkok88 Surawong Road (Next to Tawana Hotel), Tel: 061-385-0855, Website: FB Page

This cute little joint just opened a little over a week ago and is in the midst of their soft opening. It’s owned by two Americans, who from what I understand owned and operated a restaurant of a similar name in China called “The Lazy Pug.” Anyway, with a name like Smokin’ Pug American BBQ & Blues Bar, I knew they just had to have a burger… and on that note, that I had to check it out. It’s not a huge place, but seems to have ample seating.

SmokinPug_Exterior SmokinPug_Interior SmokinPug_Interior 2

The ground floor consists of a bar with seating and then a few other small tables along the wall, there is also mezzanine seating and then a small dining room on another level up. Although the menu now is quite small (it will expand at some point next month) – there are quite a few things on it that I want to eat – notably their wings and ribs …. oh, and crunchy Mac & Cheese… and fried okra. Alas, this is a burger blog … so as the burger trooper that I am, I went and inhaled one … it was my duty.

BBQ Burger: THB 380.- (Apx. US $12.67) (although, there is currently a 25% discount throughout their soft opening)

“7oz (Thai-French) patty – seasoned and mixed with spicy Kansas City BBQ sauce topped with smoked Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeños, tomato and lettuce served on a fresh bun”

Smokin Pug BBQ Burger BangkokI have to admit, I was really excited to check this place out. The name is fun and the idea of a new American BBQ joint in town had me salivating – so it’s safe to say, I had pretty high expectations. Unfortunately, my burger didn’t quite live up to what I had imagined I was going to eat. I know I’m the only one to blame for that; I have a pretty wild imagination at times. Now, to be fair to Smokin’ Pug, the burger wasn’t bad, but it didn’t blow my mind. For those that follow this blog, you know that I’m just typically not a huge fan of burgers that incorporate too much into the patty – and while the onions and BBQ sauce and whatever else was put into these gave it an ok flavor (slightly sweet even), the result for me was that the consistency and texture of the overall patty was a bit soft/off.  Pair that with a slightly dense bun and things are going to get messy. Now the cheese that was put on my burger was shredded — which I actually liked — but I don’t think it was the “house-smoked” Wisconsin cheddar I had been expecting. That’s not a huge issue, but its fault for me was that it was still quite cold when I took my first bite. I was not a fan.

SmokinPug_BBQ Burger Cut Bangkok

Ok, now I don’t want to be that guy who complains about everything … in fact, I want to tell everyone to go check out this place despite my cursory review of their burger — it might just be the kind of burger you like. Aside from that, they are smoking some of their meats in-house, and when you call yourself an American BBQ joint – it’s all about these meats … it’s do or die … and I imagine they “do” just fine … so next time I walk through their door, I’ll be chowing on some ribs and pulled pork. Oh, and I should give credit to the staff/manager who was working when I went in. She was very friendly and attentive — good service. Anyway, if anyone has already tried some of these things or has a suggestion for finding some of the best burgers in Bangkok, please share with us here or on the BBB Facebook page.