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Smashed Burger

29 Mar

Smashed Burgers Bangkok Cheese Burger Cut

Smashed Burgers Bangkok Logo6th Floor, MBK, Tel. 02 662 0557, Website: FB page

I read about this place the other day and it was a burger I instantly wanted to try. It’s located in 6th floor food hall of MBK shopping mall, so you can access it pretty easily by car or even BTS. The venue isn’t anything to write home about … it’s basically a food stall with some counter seats available.  Here, you don’t pay with cash, instead you must put credit on a little card and use that when ordering.

Smashed Burgers Bangkok Exterior

They have a handful of burgers on the menu (including beef and pork patties) … as well as some gourmet hotdogs on offer. But as I do, I went for a burger.

Cheese Burger: THB 280.- (Apx US $9.33)

110g ground chuck topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo and smash sauce on a  brioche bun

Smashed Burgers Bangkok Cheese BurgerAnyway, I’ll just get right to it. As I mentioned, I was looking forward to eating this burger, but I’m sad to say that my expectations were not even remotely met. First look, the burger was quite appealing, but with every bite the looks became less important. My overall issue with the burger was that I could barely taste the meat – the patty seamed more like a condiment than the condiments did. Aside from that, I felt that my patty was extremely dry and the flavor was not inspiring. I know that it was in fact heavily seasoned, because I watched them do it, but I think the absence of any burger juice/fats resulted in something that was less than delicious. Also, I felt that the grind was especially fine … almost gritty. The other toppings on the burger were good, seemed to be fresh and clean. The bun was also, soft and fresh. The cajun string fries on the other hand were not actually string fries… seemed to be your standard variety of frozen crinkle cut fries. I don’t really have any issue with that though … as I’m trying to cut back on fries anyways 🙂  Well, in the end, not the best burger in Bangkok for me …  but to each his own – if you’re in the area, perhaps you’ll want to just pop by and try it for yourself.

Smashed Burgers Bangkok Smashing Smashed Burgers Bangkok Seasoning Smashed Burgers Bangkok Cheese Burger Cut


If anyone has tried this place or any others you think might be worth sharing … please do so on the BBB FB Page!