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17 Apr

Eatdustry Bangkok Waffel Burger Cut 2

Eatdustry Bangkok LogoDM Building G. Fl, between Thonglor 19&21, Tel. 0906270888, Facebook Page

Everyone and their mothers are serving burgers these days, and I suppose for a burger blog, that is a good thing. It just ensures that there is a never-ending supply of burgers in my quest to find some of the best burgers in Bangkok. In my latest outing, I found myself at a place called Eatdustry.

Eatdustry Interior 1 Eatdustry Exterior 2 Eatdustry Menu 1

The place is airy and clean, with both indoor and outdoor seating … an eating venue with a slight industrial feel — so, yeah, the name gives it away. It wasn’t too busy when we were there, which provided for a nice dining environment. Attentive service. And a nice break from the hustle of the city. The menu is quite diverse, with pastas & salads and an all-day breakfast menu to boot. But what I was in for was a burger … and they had a couple of those too. So let’s get to it.

Waffle Beef Burger: THB 320.- (Apx. US $10.67)

“110g beef patty, egg, cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato served on a fluffy waffle”

Eatdustry Waffle burger BangkokSo here’s the beef. When I saw the waffle burger on the menu I just had to have it. I love a good waffle and I love burgers, so I thought it was a match made it heaven. First impression: the waffle burger looked good. The waffle was big and fluffy and there was cheese everywhere. My stomach gave me the green light to gobble it down. Now all this anticipation was curbed as soon as I picked up the burger. The bottom waffle was soggy. ): I’m not a fan of soggy buns. And a soggy waffle is just a bad. (BTW, I just googled soggy waffle and I don’t recommend you do that.) Anyway, some of the moisture of the burger was soaked up by the bottom waffle piece, which pretty much ruined that part of the experience. On the plus side, the top piece maintained its waffle goodness. Regarding the beef patty, I thought it tasted ok, although a tad on bland side. Could of used a bit more salt perhaps. That said, it seemed to be of good quality and didn’t have any noticeable gristle or sinew it it.

Eatdustry Bangkok Waffel Burger CutAside from that, the description said “caramelized onions” but it came with raw ones (no big deal – just FYI) and when I asked for no egg on it, the server told me it didn’t come with one – fine by me, but it said it did in the description. Egg fans, you’ve been warned. Overall, I’d say the burger was just ok. All components together, waffle, burger & toppings didn’t leave me wanting more – it lacked general burger flavor – it was missing the meaty soul of the burgers I love and yearn for. Now, I should end this on a positive note. They didn’t skimp on the cheese, and I think that the waffle would have been great as just a waffle … without the burger in it that is. So if you’re a waffle fan, it’s worth checking out. Also, I had tried a bite of my wife’s burger. She ordered the cheese burger (pictured with the black bun below) … I think it had an overall better flavor profile. Although they didn’t mentioned this on the menu, the cheese burger she had came slathered in pesto — which made all of the difference.

Eatdustry Bangkok Cheese Burger Eatdustry Cheese Burger Bangkok Eatdustry Menu 2 Bangkok

If I were to go back, I would order this burger or the waffle fried chicken sandwich.

If any of you guys have tried the burger here or what you think is the best burger in Bangkok, let us know  what you think on the BBB facebook page. Burger on!!

Good Neighbour

4 Apr

Good Neighbour The Backyard Burger Cut

Good Neighbour_Sign

Soi Saladaeng, Tel. 097 285 9454, FB Page

A co-worker of mine told me about this place about a week ago. She said it was just a small pop-up restaurant that was only open on the weekends and would be around for just a handful of weeks. I asked if they had a burger … and with confirmation that they did, I was in. So, I don’t know all of the details, but it seems like this place is run by a group of friends – a mix of westerners and Thais, and they managed to put together something interesting.

Good Neighbour Interior Good Neighbour Bangkok_ Leo Beer Good Neighbour Exterior

The actual space they are located in at the moment is apparently part of a hostel that will be opening sometime in the near future – which explains why they will only be around for a short time (at this location anyways). There is some inside seating, but the main draw would have to be the backyard, outdoor seating … there’s a long community table for diners to dine at as well as a few round counter bar tables for those that can’t find a seat at the table. Well, it’s time we just get to the burger.

The Backyard Burger: THB 220.- (Apx US $7.33)

“Fresh Ground Beef, homemade “processed” cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and ketchup/mustard on a griddled buttermilk bun

Good Neighbour The Backyard BurgerIf I had to imagine a burger that I would eat in the backyard, this would come pretty close — the only difference being is that the one in my imaginary backyard would have been char-grilled. But let’s stay in reality … and in reality, I liked this burger. It was simple, unpretentious and tasty. Thank You! The patty grind and texture were good, the seasoning was light but sufficient … the bun, veggies and cheese all seemed to work well together to make my mouth happy. If I were to change anything at all about this burger, I would make the patty a little bit bigger so the flavor of the meat would stand out more against all of the toppings … or I would reduce the amount of ketchup/mustard to, again, let the meatiness shine! That’s just me. I also tried a few of their “triple cooked fries – 80 baht” and “Mexican Corn Salad – 80 baht” – both tasty. If I hadn’t been feeling a little guilty for stuffing yet another burger down my throat along with a few draft Leos, I would have loved to try some ribs too. Anyway, my  2 cents – this place is worth checking out if you’re looking for a decent burger in relaxed, unpretentious environment. It’s not around for long, so probably best you go sooner than later.

Good Neighbour Grill Good Neighbour The Backyard Burger Cut 2 Good Neighbour Bangkok Menu

BTS/MRT: Silom/Saladaeng … enter soi Saladaeng from Silom road and go apx 100 meters or so. If you see Sumtom Der  on your left-hand side, you will need to walk back 20 meters and enter the little alleyway. It will be back to the left.

Open Hours:

Fri-Sun: 7pm – late — since they are a pop-up, to be sure they are still open check out their FB page

If any of you guys have tried the burger here or what you think is the best burger in Bangkok, let us know  think on the BBB facebook page. Burger on!!