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Black Box Cafe & Bar

29 Jul

Black Box Bangkok Burger Cut

Black Box Bangkok Logo888/8-9 Mahatun Plaza, Ploenchit Rd. (BTSPloenchit), Tel. 02.651.5188, Website:

Over the years, Mahatun Plaza has transformed from a dingy, rundown area into a somewhat cool or at the very least interesting place to explore – filled with a lot of little restaurants and cafes. It’s worth a look around in you’re in the area. Anyway, I wanted to squeeze in one more review for this month, and I actually attempted to go to a little burger cart the other day called “Look At Me Burger” … or something like that, but when I went to where I saw it parked (Suk 23), it was gone. Another day. So that brings me to Black Box. To be honest, I can’t remember where I read about this place. I think it must have been on Facebook or Instagram. Anyway, I saw a post of one of their burgers and figured I’d have to check it out myself.

Black Box Bangkok Exterior 1 Black Box Bangkok Counter Black Box Bangkok Interior

The restaurant space itself is nice. It’s clean and airy, and there are a couple of tables outside if you prefer the heat. It’s counter service style, so when you arrive, you pop up to the counter and place your order. Easy as that, and that’s what I did.

BLACKBOX Beef Burger: THB 320.-

“150g Thai-French beef patty, American cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce, aioli, brioche bun”

Black Box Bangkok Burger 1If I were to compare this burger to a beer, I’d say it was a Heineken. Not great. Not bad. It was ok. It was what it was. A burger. That said, there were two things that were a little off for me. 1. The patty was very bland. I could have used more salt or seasoning. I know this generally falls into the “subjective” category, but in this case, I think its fair to say it was lacking in this department; or at least it was a bit inconsistent. Also, the burger was quite bloody/juicy – it literally just poured out of the burger without me doing anything (see for yourself in the photo). I’m not against juicy burgers … but I want it to be the fatty juicy goodness. Anyway, point here is this made the bottom of the bun a bit soggy from the get-go. On the plus side, I felt that the quality of beef was good and I had no issue with the texture whatsoever. 2. The bun was a bit dry – I wouldn’t say stale, but overall I wasn’t a fan. Overall, the presentation was nice, and I liked that fact that it came with a small salad a had curly fries as an option. The veggies were all clean and fresh. I’m happy that I tried it, but I’m not sure I’d travel across town (again) for that burger.

Black Box Bangkok Burger Cut Black Box Bangkok Curly Fries Black Box Bangkok Salad

That said, they do have a pulled pork and pork belly sandwiches (they say burgers, but we all know they’re not technically burgers) on the menu … which might pull me back!

Opening hours:
CAFE service: 7.30 – 16.30 (Everyday)
BAR service: 17.30 – 22.00 (TUE-SAT)

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Mokuola Dexee Diner (EmQuartier)

14 Jul

Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok Cheese Burger

Mokuola Bangkok Menu LogoMokuola “Hawaii” Dexee Diner, EmQuartier- 6th Fl., Tel. 02-003-6202, Website: FB Page

I finally made my way over to EmQuartier and had a burger, and there seems to be quite a few places to choose from, like Scruffy Apron, Jones the Grocer, The Chop, etc. But somehow I ended up at Mokuola – which, from what I gather, is a Hawaiian themed western food restaurant/cafe from Japan. Now with 3 branches in Bangkok.

Mokuola Bangkok Exterior Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok Interior 2 Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok

Mokulola is located on the 6th floor of the Helix tower and is on the inside ring of the dining zone. Because of its position and design, there is a lot of open air and, for me, it was quite comfortable to sit and dine.  They had 3 hamburger options as well as 1 teriyaki chicken burger option. I went for the Cheese Burger.

Cheese Burger: THB 200.++ 

“Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, chees and special sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun”

Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok Cheese burgerI don’t want to waste anymore time on this burger than I already have. So to get to the point as nicely as possible … this was one of the worst burgers I’ve eaten in a very long time. In particular, I found the consistency and texture of the patty to be unforgivable. Aside from it being shaped like a burger and likely having beef mixed in somewhere, it fell short on all accounts. It wasn’t just soft; it was squishy to the touch – like when you touch a wet sponge. The bun gave more resistance than the patty did, and the bun was soft too. The only possible reason I can think of that would make a patty feel like this is just the addition of way too many fillers. Tastewise, mushy meatball/bland meatloaf. Not a fan.

Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok Cheese Burger Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok Cheese Burger Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok Cheese Burger Fries

Please don’t read into this like it’s a knock on quality – it’s more an issue of personal preference. And I prefer my burgers to taste and feel like burgers. The other components of the burger were actually fine, but without the star, they lose their credibility. That said, the bun and veggies were fresh. The fries were so so. Now, I don’t want to end this being such a sourpuss, so I’m going to end it with something nice. Something positive. And perhaps something that will get you to try this place out… burger aside.


Mokuola Hawaii Bangkok PancakeThis thing was pretty tasty, and truth be told. I think this place is more “famous” for their pancakes and desserts rather than their food. If you can’t tell this by the photo, this thing was huge. I managed to eat all the edges and the ball of ice-cream. So, although the burger let me down. This sweet mess saved a bit of the day.




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BTS: PhromPhong



3 Jul

Vesper Sloanes Beef Burger Cut

Vesper Bangkok Logo10/15 Soi Convent (Silom), Tel. 02 235 2777, Website: here

It’s been one of those weeks where I sort of wish this was a blog about beer or cocktails … and then this post could have been about just that … beer and cocktails, lots of them. But since this is a burger blog and I visited this spot mid-week during my office lunch hour, it’s probably best that I didn’t get wasted. Anyway, before I popped over to this place, I looked around online a bit to see if they had burger and all I came across was something about a sausage burger … so I figured that if they had a sausage burger, they’d have to have a regular one (or at least I hoped they would).

Vesper Bangkok Interior 2 Vesper Bangkok Interior 1 Vesper Interior 3

Turns out they did. They had 2 beef burger options. Option 1 is a beef burger that only comes in the lunch set and Option 2 is a Wagyu burger. The server told me that both of the burgers were the same standard size, so I went with the lunch set, which comes with your choice of starter and main — in my case, a burger. For a starter, I had a beet salad. It was good. Now, enough about that … and on to the beef!

Sloane’s Premium Beef Burger: THB 550.-++ 

 “130g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and onion and a toasted sesame seed bun”

Vesper Sloanes Beef BurgerThere’s a quote by Confucius that goes “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” And I think that this is how a lot of places approach making their burgers. A good burger is really simple to make, but we insist on making them complicated. This is not the case for this burger. If simple was the goal – success. While this burger didn’t blow me away, I did enjoy eating it. It was served with just what you see listed above. There was no ketchup, mustard or special sauces on it; no butter, mayo or oil on the bun. Just meat, veg and bun. The patty was a little dense but not hard and the seasoning very simple. The veggies were fresh and thought it was a nice touch they used both red and white onions. The bun was fine as well – not too “bready” and nicely toasted.  The small wedges it came with were ok too… no issue there. The first bite of the burger brought me back to a backyard BBQ – there was a simple, comforting taste to it, and that’s a good thing … on the other end of that, the bill brought me back to reality. I don’t typically make comments on price, but just over THB 700 for the burger set and a bottle of water seems a bit up there – especially for a quick lunch.

Vesper Sloanes Beef Burger Cut Vesper Beef Burger Fries Vesper Beet Salad Set

The plus side of this was that the overall quality seemed to be good and there is a perceived “value-for-money” aspect of the set, but I’m not sure it’s enough to draw me back. Oh, and I almost forgot, I know there are some mustard snobs out there, and if you are one of them, you’d be happy to know they serve this burger with some nice english mustard! Anyway, if you’re in the area and have a bit of extra $$ to throw around, a burger and cocktail might be in order! If you try the Wagyu one, do let us know how is.

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BTS: Silom

Lunch – served only from 12-2.3opm (and not on Saturdays or something like that – best to check opening times before you go)