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Broccoli Revolution

7 Aug

Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger

Broccoli RevolutionCorner of Sukhumvit 49 and Sukhumvit Rd., Tel. 095-251-9799, Website: FB Page

With a name like Broccoli Revolution, I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone that their burgers swap out the juicy meat patty for… well… broccoli. Broccoli, quinoa and some chopped onions and perhaps some other things. All vegan, so no egg binders.

Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger with Organic Salad: THB 250.-++

Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really eat many veggie burgers. Surprise. Surprise. So I won’t pretend to be an expert on them. But I can say  this…. I enjoyed it. I would eat this one again, but it would have to be when I wasn’t craving a real, meaty “burger.” While it looked like a
burger, it tasted a bit too healthy to count as a “guilty pleasure” — which for me burgers are… and I like them like that. Part of my enjoyment of burgers is that feeling of “man, I shouldn’t have eaten that” once I’ve inhaled it.

 Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal BurgerBroccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger

Anyway, so in a nutshell, it was good. Tasted like a warm, mushy broccoli salad in a bun, with pockets of tanginess and sweetness, likely from the mango salsa and guacamole. I ordered mine as takeaway and I’m sure that had something to do with the patty being a bit softer than usual, but not really a big deal; bun wasn’t soggy, so that’s a plus. They give you your choice of fries or salad… I figured, I’d keep this experience as healthy as possible. So salad it was. Nothing really special about it, it was just lettuce.


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CP Beef Burger

5 Aug

cp burger

cp burger 2CP Beef Burger (7-11 shops): THB 42.-

Every now and then I go against my better judgement and do something that I know I really shouldn’t.  But curiosity got the best of me.

I’ll sum it up like this… if you had a bit of this in your mouth without knowing what it was, I highly doubt you would think it was beef burger. It was like I was chewing on salty, chewy ball of dough with something in it. The bread was a bit chewy from being microwaved, patty wasn’t really noticeable… the main taste… the salty sweet tomato mustard sauce on it. I guess if I look at it in a positive way, it met my expectations.

cp burgerCP Burger Open

BTW – shouldn’t the cheese be on the top and the sauce on the bottom? Someone’s slacking on the burger factory line!

Breaking it down: burger weight 97g … 28% of that beef (apex 27g) and 47%  bun (45g) … and 10% weird sauce / 12% cheese (last 3% spices)… it’s no wonder it doesn’t really taste of beef.  For comparison, a McDonald’s burger patty is apex 45g… and that seems small.

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The Clubhouse (revisit)

3 Aug

Clubhouse Bangkok Jalapeno cheddar burger 3

Clubhouse LogoSukhumvit Soi 23 (Map), Tel: 02-664-1376, Facebook Page


Will keep this short and sweet. I visited this place in 2011 when I first started this blog… you can see the post here. This round, I enjoyed it more. I ate this as takeaway, so I’m sure it would have been a bit better in the shop… but I was hungry for a burger and this hit the spot. Minor complaint… on the menu it said that it comes with a salad and fries, but there was no salad to be seen. I suppose this is more for the want of eating (of seeming to eat a bit healthier).

burger price range: 280 – 370+

Also, just a fyi, yesterday when I drove by, I saw a sign that said free heineken with burger order. Not sure how long this would last or if it was just a one day thing, but sounds good to me.

Clubhouse Bangkok Jalapeno cheddar burger Clubhouse Bangkok Jalapeno cheddar burger

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