Ribs and Burgers (Sydney)

2 Apr


Popped in here on my first day in Sydney… figured sitting on a 9 hour flight on a cramped Thai Airways flight next to possibly one of the stinkiest people alive earned me a burger (and cider).

As we were wandering around Sydney harbor, we happened by this joint and am glad we did. I ordered an Aussie burger (minus the egg – not a fan). Burgers run from about AU$ 11.-18 (300-500 THB) and sides are extra.

Ribs and Burgers - Aussie burger

Overall, I enjoyed the burger. The standout element for me was the bacon… its salty goodness pretty much stood out above all else. That said, when I first picked it up red “juice” seemed to pour ¬†from it onto the plate… I though “damn, that’s a lot of blood for a burger done medium! I then remember Aussie burgers have beetroot on them… and then everything made sense.

Apparently there are branches all across Australia… you can check out their menu and locations on their website. Ribs looked pretty good. Will have to try sometime.

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