Burgering Abroad: Five Guys (London 2017)

2 Nov

This is less of a review and more of a “bragging” post!

I finally ate at Five Guys! I know it’s a fast food burger, but who cares… I finally ate at Five Guys! I happened to be wandering around looking for the tube in London and low and behold a Five Guys was staring me right in the face! I dropped everything and instantly dragged my wife and baby (and stroller) into the shop! It was burger time.

Five Guys Entrance Five Guys Line Ordering Five Guys Waiting Line

I love burgers, and from time to time I crave fast food burgers. Usually I am Whopper guy, I’ve always been partial to the flame grilled aspect of it… I have a faint memory of eating 2 whoppers when I was high school right before football practice… which didn’t end well.

Anyways, move over Whopper, because I quite liked the hamburger at Five Guys, and guess what… they really let you “have it your way”. You can mix and match with a whole range of “free toppings”! My only complaint was that the patty was a bit dry, but I am willing to totally let that slide (at least this once)…because I was really looking forward to eating it!


Pick your burger: 

I went with the “little hamburger” – which comes with 1 patty, the “normal” one will come with 2.

Get it

Five Guys Hamburger

Unwrap it

Five Guys Little Hamburger

Admire it

Eat it

Five Guys Half Burger

The End

Have any of you guys tried Five Guys? Thoughts? Share with us on this or what your best burger in Bangkok is on the BBB Facebook  page!

Burger On.

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