The Girl & The Pig (Silom Complex)

9 Nov

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Tel.: 084 194 6629


Popped in for a quick lunch. Saw they had beef, pork and salmon burger options. I went with the beef.

Quarterpounder Burger (THB280.- /apx US $8.23.-)

113g. beef (aus) patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion and special sauce served on a toasted bun

Here’s what I liked… The Bun. The Patty… not so much.

The Girl the Pig Quarterpouder Burger

Here’s a little burger advice… when you are considering serving a hamburger at your restaurant, ask yourself: Can I cook it fresh there? If yes, go for it. If no, forget about it.

To be clear, I’m speaking about the Silom Complex location – not sure what they are doing at Central Embassy, but since the staff told me that they cook them there and “warm” them here, I’m assuming they have a full kitchen.

The Girl and The Pig Burger Patty

The Girl and The Pig potato

I do not want a “warmed” pre-cooked patty from a sit-down cafe/restaurant. Aside from my preference, not sure why they would do it… they are compromising their food and reputation just to put a burger on the menu. Maybe most people don’t care.

The Girl the Pig Quarterpouder Burger Cut

So here’s the sad part, apart from being dry and a bit dense, the beef actually had some potential. It tasted like meat! In fact, it had a slightly gamier/earthier taste to it – which was nice. If it was fresh, I’m sure I would have a better opinion of it… as I don’t think it would be dry or as hard. But, oh well, we are not living in a burger world of “What ifs and if onlys”… so with that said. BIG FAIL. NOT COOL. So.. umm, yeah, not the best burger in Bangkok. And I don’t imagine I’ll go back for another… but I would consider popping in to try their Bacon Ice-cream, or perhaps one of their waffles. They looked ok.

What do you guys think? When is pre-cooking burgers acceptable? Is it ever? Let us know your thoughts on this or what your best burger in Bangkok is on the BBB Facebook  page!

Burger On.


One Response to “The Girl & The Pig (Silom Complex)”

  1. khungox November 9, 2017 at 5:37 am #

    Not acceptable. I had it once too. Never went back there. Their first shop at embassy is still good though. But their silom branch really damage their reputation.