Jamie’s Burgers (Emquartier)

28 Nov

Jamies burgers ExteriorMultiple locations:
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Tel. 083 443 9888


Have you ever met a girl (or guy) that checked all of your must have boxes – looks, substance, qualities, etc… but in the end, no matter how much you knew you should love her (him)… or maybe not love, but at least more than “like” her … you just didn’t feel it. That’s how I felt about this burger. It was one of those “It’s not you, it’s me” moments. I liked it, but didn’t “like, liked” it. But just because I didn’t fall in love, doesn’t mean you won’t. So here it is…

Jamie’s Burger (THB 299.-)

100g patty (Thai-Aussie beef), bacon, (processed) cheddar cheese, jalapeños, caramelized onions and homemade tomato mayo

Jamies burgers beef burger Jamies burgers Cut

Sorry, no top shot of the burger this time… between the cheese and the tomato mayo/onion mix, I wasn’t in the mood to make a mess. That said, it was cooked fine and seasoned ok. Ground pepper stood out, but wasn’t overpowering. Beef quality seemed good. No issue with grind size, texture or gristle.  The thing that stood out the most was the bacon….it was very crispy… and I know that there are a few of you “god-dammit, why can’t anyone make the bacon crispy” guys out there… and if you are one of them, this might be for you. Burgers are available in beef or pork, and with the option I picked, you get your choice of fries or side salad. I went with the salad… but it wasn’t anything special. Just lettuce and lots and lots of dressing. A tomato wedge and a couple pieces of onion would go a long way here… just saying.

Jamies burgers side salad Jamies burgers menu

Anyways, this place along with Arno’s, seem to making big expansion moves… Jamie’s has about 4 spots now I think. I’m sure some of you have tried it, so please let us know what you think on the BBB Facebook page. Or let us know what you think is the Best Burger in Bangkok.


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