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MeatChop (Sala Daeng)

2 Dec

MeatChop Enzos Burger Cut

MeatChop Exterior1/4 Sala Daeng 1 Alley, Tel. 02 033 2709,

Open Daily: 11am-11pm,

FB Page: here

ENZO’S BURGER (Monthly Special) : THB 300.++

150g Black Angus beef patty, thick tangy brown sauce, 36-month old Jamon Iberic0, American cheddar served on a brioche bun and choice of hand-cut potatoes or salad 

MeatChop Enzos Burger MeatChop Enzos Burger open top

I work in the area, so as soon as their signage popped up, I was quite excited for it to open… with a name like MeatChop I was convinced they would have a burger on the menu and my expectations were raised. That and knowing it was run by the same team doing bitterman (another neighborhood restaurant with pretty good food) – I was looking forward to checking it out.

From what I could see, there was only 1 burger on the menu… it was this one. And by the name of it, it sounds like the burger option changes on a monthly basis.

Anyway, I ordered my burger medium and it came rare… really, really rare. Mine was the only burger/meat on the grill…. All grilling credibility went out the door… well, not really, but seriously, seems like this shouldn’t happen in a meat-centric place like this. But to be fair, maybe we just chalk it up to just opening kinks. Note: I did send it back – it was returned slightly more cooked, but that re-grilling process probably didn’t add to my overall experience – mainly because as the burger was cut, I’m sure some of the flavor came out… and the sauce that had been added earlier, was no longer that noticeable.

MeatChop Enzos Burger Cut MeatChop Enzos Burger Patty

So all things considered, I didn’t find anything particularly special about this burger. The meat quality seemed up there, but the patty was overall quite soft. Part of this is probably due to it being undercooked.  I prefer a more hearty texture where you not only taste the beef, you can feel it!  The bun was a bit dry and bland – some butter or fat before bring grilled could have helped amp it up… also,  I like Jamon Iberico – I really do, brings me back to when I lived in Spain, but I don’t think it added anything to this burger at all. Maybe if it was fried – the crispiness could add a bit of texture to it, and it would be easier to bite through, instead of these large slices that pretty much end up in your mouth whole… point is, as it is just felt like it was an afterthought, tossed on top because it looked good.

At the end of the day, I will not go back for another burger (sorry MeatChop)… I think a better bet would be some of their steaks or even their pasta dishes (which got high praises from the two I ate with). *btw, the vinaigrette on my small salad was awesome – fruity, sweet and tangy.

Has anyone else tried this place yet? If so, let us know what you think  on our BBB Facebook page. Or if you’ve found any other burger places that you think serve the best burgers in Bangkok, do share.

Until then… Burger on!




The Girl & The Pig (Silom Complex)

9 Nov

The Girl the Pig Quarterpouder Burger Cut

girl and the pig logoSilom Complex and Central Embassy, FB Page,

Tel.: 084 194 6629


Popped in for a quick lunch. Saw they had beef, pork and salmon burger options. I went with the beef.

Quarterpounder Burger (THB280.- /apx US $8.23.-)

113g. beef (aus) patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion and special sauce served on a toasted bun

Here’s what I liked… The Bun. The Patty… not so much.

The Girl the Pig Quarterpouder Burger

Here’s a little burger advice… when you are considering serving a hamburger at your restaurant, ask yourself: Can I cook it fresh there? If yes, go for it. If no, forget about it.

To be clear, I’m speaking about the Silom Complex location – not sure what they are doing at Central Embassy, but since the staff told me that they cook them there and “warm” them here, I’m assuming they have a full kitchen.

The Girl and The Pig Burger Patty

The Girl and The Pig potato

I do not want a “warmed” pre-cooked patty from a sit-down cafe/restaurant. Aside from my preference, not sure why they would do it… they are compromising their food and reputation just to put a burger on the menu. Maybe most people don’t care.

The Girl the Pig Quarterpouder Burger Cut

So here’s the sad part, apart from being dry and a bit dense, the beef actually had some potential. It tasted like meat! In fact, it had a slightly gamier/earthier taste to it – which was nice. If it was fresh, I’m sure I would have a better opinion of it… as I don’t think it would be dry or as hard. But, oh well, we are not living in a burger world of “What ifs and if onlys”… so with that said. BIG FAIL. NOT COOL. So.. umm, yeah, not the best burger in Bangkok. And I don’t imagine I’ll go back for another… but I would consider popping in to try their Bacon Ice-cream, or perhaps one of their waffles. They looked ok.

What do you guys think? When is pre-cooking burgers acceptable? Is it ever? Let us know your thoughts on this or what your best burger in Bangkok is on the BBB Facebook  page!

Burger On.


Arno’s Thonglor

10 Oct

Arnos Traditional Cut

Arno's Thonglor 13

Thonglor Soi 13 (in the lot next to SeenSpace)

Facebook page: here 


Traditional Burger (THB 220.-) [normal option is 200g, lunch set option 150g]

150/200g beef, choice of Sharp Cheddar/Blue Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelized Onions on a toasted bun and a side of spicy sauce. Also comes with your choice of French fries, curly fries or side salad.

Overall I thought this burger was good – but a tad on the salty side . The bacon, blue cheese and buttered bun just put it just on the edge for me. I tried the beef alone and also felt the salt could be reduced a bit. This is a somewhat subjective comment as I know some would probably like more salt! Moving on… the beef patty was loosely packed, but held together. I liked this. I was told that the beef was Thai, but that’s all the staff know. They don’t know what kind or where it comes from.

The fat percentage seemed to be in the 20-25%+ realm, ensuring the patty was moist, but somehow came across as a bit greasy.  I ordered the burger in the lunch set, which is a reduced 150g patty as compared to the normal one that is 200g. The price is the same, but the difference is that the lunch set comes with a soft drink. Service was mixed bag. I wasn’t greeted when I arrived and as I sat at the table, the first server just walked over and stood there looking at me. I thought this was a bit of “just going through the motions”. And while no one once checked up on me or asked how my food was when I was eating it, after I asked for my check and paid the manager (I assume) walked over and asked me how everything was, which I felt was nice.

Arno Traditional Burger Arno's Thonglor Arno's Thonglor

So, will I be back? Why not! The food is fresh, the price reasonable and they have multiple locations now across Bangkok (Emquartier, Thonglor 13, Narwithiwas and Suanplu). I might be able to look past the saltiness if I throw in a couple of cold pints into the mix! One thing I am a little confused about is this… the “Hot Dog Chicago Style” – I think it would be more accurate to say “Hot Dog NOT Chicago Style” — pork hot dog, no poppy seed bun, no relish, no peppers, no celery salt… and probably the biggest taboo ever… KETCHUP. Oh well…. they’ve still got steak and burgers.

Arno's Hot Dog

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Happy Burgering.