Knife & Fork

19 Sep

Knife and Fork Beef Burger Cut 1

Knife and Fork Logo29/21 Thonglor Soi 13, Tel. 02 712 7696, Website: FB

For my latest burger adventure, I wandered back into the Thonglor area. This restaurant is located on the 1st floor of some condo/apartment building down some sub-soi of Thonglor 13. If you follow the map, it’s quite easy to find and they have some free parking available. When I visited, it wasn’t busy at all. Seemed liked there was a table with the owner perhaps (??) and some of their friends … as well as 1 or 2 other walk-ins.

Knife and Fork Card Knife and Fork Entrance Knife and Fork Interior

The space was realtively small, but clean … it wasn’t packed, so dining was quite comfortable. Staff were friendly and attentive. They had a few burgers on the menu (Breakfast Burger, Wagyu Burger and Classic Cheeseburger) … I went with the 3rd option.

The Classic Cheeseburger – THB 390.- (Apx. US $13.00)

“150g Aus. Angus, tomato, lettuce, Jelapeno?, mushrooms, grilled onions and American cheese served on a sesame seed bun”

Knife and Fork Beef BurgerI’m just going to jump right into the beef of things. First impression, the beef was good the bun was not. At 150g, I felt that the burger was a decent size for this meal. The patty was lightly seasoned, so no issue here. I appreciate the fact that I could taste the beef and it wasn’t overpowered by spices; it seemed to be of good quality. Toppings were ok; in particular, I liked the combo of grilled onions and melted American cheese … somehow this combination reminded me of something I’d find on a truck stop burger somewhere in middle America. Now about the bun, it was just your standard, store-bought variety. I don’t really have any issue with that at the core; in fact, I tend to like burgers that skew more towards the side of simplicity rather than opulence. That said, the bun on the burger had one major flaw … it was soggy … at first bite. Gross. The soggy factor couldn’t even be attributed to burger juice; I suspect it was from wet lettuce. This was a small issue, but with major consequences. The fact that the bun wasn’t toasted or slathered in sauce probably also added to its soggability (yeah, I think I invented that word, but I mean its ability to get soggy). So, this burger had high soggability. Not a good thing.

Knife and Fork Beef Burger Cut 1 Knife and Fork Burger Fries Knife and Fork Burger Menu

I should point out that on menu grilled onions and mushrooms were not listed as toppings; so if you don’t like either of these things, now you know. Also, it says it should have Jelapeno?? I’m not really sure what that is. Jalapenos, perhaps?! But there were none of these either. The burger was served with a small order of “Cajun” fries … they were fine. Overall, I would rate this as an ok experience. Would I go back, probably not for a burger. They had chicken and waffles on the menu, and although I’ve never had this, I’ve been craving it lately … that and a lobster roll. I saw one on tv a few months ago and can’t stop thinking about it.

As always, burger on! If anyone comes across a great burger or what they think is the best burger in Bangkok, please let us all know. Share the name or photo of it on the BBB FB page!



8 Sep

D Orsay Beef Burger Cut 2

D' Orsay Bangkok LogoThe Portico – 3rd fl. (community mall), Langsuan Rd., Tel. 092 265 5942, Website: FB

I was recommended this place by a guy I know; he told me they had a burger on their menu and I thought I’d wander over and check it out. I should say straight away that this is not a burger joint, it’s a French restaurant that serves up some of the best mussels in Bangkok (so I’m told). I went over my lunch hour and they had a nice set menu (which is attached somewhere below). So, as I do, I ordered the beef burger lunch set (which is the same price as the a la carte burger – and the same burger for that matter). The set came with a choice of soup or salad, the burger and a choice of coffee or tea. The restaurant was pretty quite when I was there – one other couple sitting across the room – so I enjoyed a nice quite lunch. Now, let’s get into the beef of things …

Beef Burger – THB 450.- nett (Apx. US $14.50)

“120g beef patty, compotee d’oignons, gruyere/tomme/cheddar cheese blend, and sun-dried sherry tomatoes served on a gruyere brioche bun”

D Orsay Beef Burger 1I’m not really sure how to say it nicely, so I’m just going to say it … This burger came with everything except the satisfaction of having eaten it. A little harsh perhaps, but I’ll explain. This was not a question of quality or flavor necessarily; stand alone, all components of the burger were quite nice. However, for me, when put in burger form, it was lacking. Both the texture of the bun and the patty took away from that oh so good feeling of biting into a juicy burger for the first time. It was too soft … and I’m not talking about pillowy soft, it was more like delicate soft. No resistance when biting through. I’m not against brioche buns, but in this instance (and in another experience I had recently) I was let down by them. As for the patty, for a place that also specializes in meat, I was not asked how I would like mine cooked. Maybe they don’t do that there, and since I forgot to mention it, maybe they assumed that I did not care. Either way, I take responsibility for that.

D Orsay Beef Burger Cut 1D Orsay Bangkok SaladD Orsay Tea

I thought the flavor was ok, but again, the texture was a bit too soft.  The compotee d’oignons (onions cooked in syrup) was sweet as expected, but it was nice in that it really woke up the mouth. Everything else was pretty much ok. The fries were cute, none that I had were longer than 1.5 inches … which I liked for some reason. Anyway, so would I go back for another burger, probably not. Regardless of the type of burger I eat, I still want to have the sense of gritty indulgence … maybe this burger was just too refined for me?! Anyway, I did see some steaks on the menu that looked interesting …

NOTE: Credit Cards only accepted for checks over THB 500.-

Set Menu/Burger Menu

D Orsay Burger Set MenuD Orsay Burger Menu 2

Burger Bro!

10 Aug


Burger-Bro-Bangkok_LogoRama 9 Soi 49 (apx 200 meters down the soi), Tel. 082-793-8855, Website: here | Open: 10 am – 9.30 pm

First things first, big shout out to my friend “Don” who told me about this place – thank you.

Bangkok’s burger bubble hasn’t burst yet! In fact, it seems like more and more burger specific places keep opening up – including this new place … Burger Bro! – which opened about 2 months ago. The burger movement is incredible and amazing and deliciously inspiring. I love the fact that more and more people are embracing the burger as a real meal alternative (and see it not just as junk food). Anyway, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Yeah, yeah … get on with it and tell us about the burger, bro!”  I will, but let me say this first. There is something to be said about the soi that this burger place is tucked into. It seems to be home to a nice neighborhood-like restaurant row. As I started down the soi, I saw number of places, including what looked like a dessert bar (very busy), a Vietnamese place and a few other bar/restaurant types. So pretty cool actually, might need to check some of the other places out sometime.

Ok, let’s talk burger. The menu at Burger Bro! is pretty simple, and I think it works to their favor. They have a nice variety of meat selections/dishes – including beef, pork, chicken and lamb. I’ve attached a menu below; have a look for yourself.


Now I normally don’t indulge so much when I go burger hunting, but this time I couldn’t help it … which means this will be a very special post – and one that, for my health’s sake, doesn’t happen that often. During this visit, I actually ate 2 burgers (now I should say, I have been running more lately, so I figured I deserved it). I tried their “Regular Cheese Bro (Beef) Burger” and the “Special Bro Love ‘Em Wagyu Burger.”

Regular Cheese Bro (Beef) Burger – THB 80.- (Apx. US $2.67)

“130g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle slice, cheese and ketchup served on a toasted sesame seed bun”

Special Bro Love ‘Em Wagyu Burger – THB 300.- (Apx. US $10.00)

“200g Wagyu beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle slice, bacon, cheese and ketchup served on a toasted sesame seed bun”

Burger Bro Bangkok_Side by Side

Ok it has to be said, so let’s start with the Regular Burger. It was only 80 baht! And, to be honest, I haven’t come across a burger at this price for some time – and to top it off, for less  than 100 baht … it was pretty good. And good size too. If it didn’t fill me up, so what- I could just order another! Now let’s talk patties. Regular was 130g vs Wagyu at 200g. The regular one’s seasoning mix is a bit more complex and they are a little more heavy handed with pepper as well as have other bits like rosemary, etc. – all that said, overall seasoning was quite subtle. For the Waygu burger, it’s just salt and pepper – and to be honest, it was quite light as well and I didn’t really even notice the pepper. The big difference in taste here for me came from the fat/burger juice – it was much richer, as would be expected from Wagyu.

Burger Bro Bangkok_Side by Side_1

Anyway, so what does this tell me … well, in what I’m assuming were two 100% beef burgers with minimal seasoning … it tells me that the owner wants me to taste the beef! And, if that’s the case, I want to tell the owner “Yes! Thank You.” A burger has to be about the beef. I felt that the grind and consistency of both patties were pretty good. Generally I’m not a fan of ordering burgers with “Wagyu” in their name or description. Mainly because I kind of feel that it is an unnecessary extravagance; and if they are using a really good cut of Wagyu – why would you want to grind it up and burn off all the fat! Anyway, the Wagyu burger was ok, not too soft. With regards to the buns and condiments, nothing special here. Buns are your standard grocery store variety – lightly toasted before serving. Lettuce, tomato and onion all fresh. There’s a pickle slice as well, but it’s very mild. The cheese (processed slice) and ketchup are also fine. Wagyu burger also comes with bits of bacon on it and a small side of wedges.

Burger-Bro-Bangkok-_On-the-GriddleBurger-Bro-Bangkok_PresentationBurger Bro Bangkok_Fries

So here’s the verdict. This place is definitely worth checking out. I wouldn’t say that it is the best burger in Bangkok, but I haven’t said that about any place really for the last 3-4 years, so it’s not technically a knock against them. The staff were friendly and efficient and the overall feel of the place is quite comfortable. It’s a good value for money (even drinks, etc.) and I would assume burger joint would be kid friendly as well. There is both indoor and outdoor seating.

Know of any other cool or interesting burger joints? Share them with us in the comment section below or on the BBB Facebook page!