Burgering Abroad: The Corner (Paris)

9 Sep

The Corner Black Angus Burger Cut

The Corner Burger Exterior Paris37 Rue Lamarck, Montmartre, Paris

I recently was fortunate enough to spend about 2 weeks in France, and inbetween stuffing my face with baguettes and seeing some of the sites I somehow stumbled upon a small Burger joint. Truth be told, I wasn’t looking to eat a burger, but the two restaurants we stopped by before this one didn’t really seem too bothered about them being restaurants and wanting customers. Doors were open, but they said they weren’t serving food. Anyway, fine by me… we passed a signed that listed a “Black Angus Burger” on it … and next thing I know I was saying “Au revoir Black Angus Burger” as I stuffed my face with its juicy goodness.

The Corner Black Angus Burger 1

The cost for this beauty was 18 euros (Apx THB 720 or so). Probably my favorite bit was the cheese – it was awesome and I’ve never seen a burger with cheese like this. It also came with a small salad and a side of Home Fries/Fried Potatoes (which were pretty damn good).

The Corner Black Angus Burger Cut

The patty was good – all beef, simple seasoning. Bun was fresh and the tomato/onion/ketchup element  was good too … not too much, not too little. I won’t go into more details, since I can’t really remember much about it other than that I enjoyed it and I’d happily eat it again.

The Corner Black Angus Burger Fries

I’m sure there’s someone out there that is searching out the best burger in Paris … if you see this post, maybe you can give us a few burger joint recommendations for the next time we are there.

Stay tuned for more Bangkok Burger goodness – coming soon.


Jones the Grocer

2 Aug

Jones the Grocer Jones Burger Cut

Jones the Grocer LogoGround Floor – EmQuartier (next to gourmet market), Tel. 02 261 0382, Website: FB Page

A friend of mine told me that I should check this place out. So I did. It’s located on the ground floor of EmQuartier (just around the corner from the newly opened Dean & Deluca) — looks like a battle of the grocer/delis is about to go down! The space is quite airy – there’s high ceilings and plenty of natural light. They had 2 burgers on the menu: a breakfast burger – made of pork, and then the Jones Burger – made of beef.

Jones the Grocer Interior 2 Jones the Grocer Interior 3 Jones the Grocer Interior

When we went in, there were a number of other tables – and the staff I encounter were all polite and professional, and I went straight for the burger.

Jones Burger – THB 495- ++

“Australian Wagyu patty, bacon, melted Swiss cheese, truffle mayonnaise, pickles, yellow mustard, caramelized onions on a sesame seed bun.”

Jones the Grocer Jones BurgerThere were 2 things that I loved about this burger. 1. They didn’t skimp on bacon! There was loads of it, and it was glorious. 2. The burger that I had had a pretty awesome “burger crust” on the patty. It had that slightly salty crunchy goodness that I wish more burgers had.

However, overall the burger was a tad on the salty side for me. This was not because of over-seasoning of the beef – which seemed to be lightly seasoned – it was a result of having so much bacon. This is a first world burger problem!! Anyway, I thought both the pickles and caramelized onions added a bit of sour and sweet to help balance out the savoriness of the bacon/patty. As for the truffle mayo and yellow mustard, I couldn’t really even taste it. I’m sure there was a drizzle of mayo, because I saw it — but no clue about the mustard. The bun was soft and fresh, no complaints here. The burger also came with a side of fries – your standard run of the mill frozen shoestring variety. At the end of the day, would I eat this burger again? Sure, but I wasn’t blown away by it. If you’re in the area and having a salt/bacon/burger craving … this should satisfy it! As for me, the journey of looking for the best burger in Bangkok continues.

Jones the Grocer Jones Burger Cut Jones the Grocer Fries Jones the Grocer Kitchen

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Black Box Cafe & Bar

29 Jul

Black Box Bangkok Burger Cut

Black Box Bangkok Logo888/8-9 Mahatun Plaza, Ploenchit Rd. (BTSPloenchit), Tel. 02.651.5188, Website: www.blackboxbkk.com

Over the years, Mahatun Plaza has transformed from a dingy, rundown area into a somewhat cool or at the very least interesting place to explore – filled with a lot of little restaurants and cafes. It’s worth a look around in you’re in the area. Anyway, I wanted to squeeze in one more review for this month, and I actually attempted to go to a little burger cart the other day called “Look At Me Burger” … or something like that, but when I went to where I saw it parked (Suk 23), it was gone. Another day. So that brings me to Black Box. To be honest, I can’t remember where I read about this place. I think it must have been on Facebook or Instagram. Anyway, I saw a post of one of their burgers and figured I’d have to check it out myself.

Black Box Bangkok Exterior 1 Black Box Bangkok Counter Black Box Bangkok Interior

The restaurant space itself is nice. It’s clean and airy, and there are a couple of tables outside if you prefer the heat. It’s counter service style, so when you arrive, you pop up to the counter and place your order. Easy as that, and that’s what I did.

BLACKBOX Beef Burger: THB 320.-

“150g Thai-French beef patty, American cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce, aioli, brioche bun”

Black Box Bangkok Burger 1If I were to compare this burger to a beer, I’d say it was a Heineken. Not great. Not bad. It was ok. It was what it was. A burger. That said, there were two things that were a little off for me. 1. The patty was very bland. I could have used more salt or seasoning. I know this generally falls into the “subjective” category, but in this case, I think its fair to say it was lacking in this department; or at least it was a bit inconsistent. Also, the burger was quite bloody/juicy – it literally just poured out of the burger without me doing anything (see for yourself in the photo). I’m not against juicy burgers … but I want it to be the fatty juicy goodness. Anyway, point here is this made the bottom of the bun a bit soggy from the get-go. On the plus side, I felt that the quality of beef was good and I had no issue with the texture whatsoever. 2. The bun was a bit dry – I wouldn’t say stale, but overall I wasn’t a fan. Overall, the presentation was nice, and I liked that fact that it came with a small salad a had curly fries as an option. The veggies were all clean and fresh. I’m happy that I tried it, but I’m not sure I’d travel across town (again) for that burger.

Black Box Bangkok Burger Cut Black Box Bangkok Curly Fries Black Box Bangkok Salad

That said, they do have a pulled pork and pork belly sandwiches (they say burgers, but we all know they’re not technically burgers) on the menu … which might pull me back!

Opening hours:
CAFE service: 7.30 – 16.30 (Everyday)
BAR service: 17.30 – 22.00 (TUE-SAT)

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