Arno’s Thonglor

10 Oct

Arnos Traditional Cut

Arno's Thonglor 13

Thonglor Soi 13 (in the lot next to SeenSpace)

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Traditional Burger (THB 220.-) [normal option is 200g, lunch set option 150g]

150/200g beef, choice of Sharp Cheddar/Blue Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelized Onions on a toasted bun and a side of spicy sauce. Also comes with your choice of French fries, curly fries or side salad.

Overall I thought this burger was good – but a tad on the salty side . The bacon, blue cheese and buttered bun just put it just on the edge for me. I tried the beef alone and also felt the salt could be reduced a bit. This is a somewhat subjective comment as I know some would probably like more salt! Moving on… the beef patty was loosely packed, but held together. I liked this. I was told that the beef was Thai, but that’s all the staff know. They don’t know what kind or where it comes from.

The fat percentage seemed to be in the 20-25%+ realm, ensuring the patty was moist, but somehow came across as a bit greasy.  I ordered the burger in the lunch set, which is a reduced 150g patty as compared to the normal one that is 200g. The price is the same, but the difference is that the lunch set comes with a soft drink. Service was mixed bag. I wasn’t greeted when I arrived and as I sat at the table, the first server just walked over and stood there looking at me. I thought this was a bit of “just going through the motions”. And while no one once checked up on me or asked how my food was when I was eating it, after I asked for my check and paid the manager (I assume) walked over and asked me how everything was, which I felt was nice.

Arno Traditional Burger Arno's Thonglor Arno's Thonglor

So, will I be back? Why not! The food is fresh, the price reasonable and they have multiple locations now across Bangkok (Emquartier, Thonglor 13, Narwithiwas and Suanplu). I might be able to look past the saltiness if I throw in a couple of cold pints into the mix! One thing I am a little confused about is this… the “Hot Dog Chicago Style” – I think it would be more accurate to say “Hot Dog NOT Chicago Style” — pork hot dog, no poppy seed bun, no relish, no peppers, no celery salt… and probably the biggest taboo ever… KETCHUP. Oh well…. they’ve still got steak and burgers.

Arno's Hot Dog

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Happy Burgering.




Return of Bangkok Burger Blog

8 Oct

Will keep this short and sweet. BBB is back, and I’ll ease back into things – slowly but surely.  No more restaurant ties and lots of places to catch up on. Life is good.

I already have the return burger in my belly – so write-up coming soon.

Moo Gourmet Burgers (Bondi Beach)

5 Apr

  • moo gourmet burgers bondi beach

Website here

This place has a number of locations; you can check out their website for more info.

So let’s just jump in… this is what I had:

Beef Avocado and Bacon Burger (AU$15.50.-)

Beef Avocado and Bacon

WTF?! I thought all burgers in Australia were going to be awesome! Oh how wrong I was. We visited Bondi Beach, and saw this place so we thought we’d give it a go. Looked cool… and had many burgers on offer.  For the month of April, you can add a dollar to your burger order to donate to breast cancer reasearch … and if you do that, you can get your burger on a pink bun. We did. So if you were wondering about the pink bun… that’s why.

But here’s where I had most of my issues… the bun. It was too big. The outside to hard and dry… and the inside too soggy (I hate wet bread). Patty was ok, but a tad on the dry side.

On the plus side, the bacon and avocado were good… and I enjoyed the onion rings, and the view wasn’t bad either.

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