Paper Butter and The Burger

17 May

PaperButter Burger Bangkok Cut

PaperButter The Burger Bangkok SignAree Soi 1, Behind Never Say Cutz (Soi Ari), Tel. 0816491227, Website: FB Page

I heard about this place a few months ago or so, but hadn’t found the time to make my way over to the area until recently. I’m glad I did, because it looks like it will be closing down at the end of May for a month or so. That said, they have plans to reopen in the Siam area around July of this year, so watch their FB page for details.

Paper Butter Burger Exterior 2 PaperButter and the Burger Exterior PaperButter The Burger Menu

Anyway, Paper Butter & The Burger is a small “container” restaurant currently located in a little plaza area just off of Ari BTS station. I went early afternoon and was expecting to sweat it out, but it was surprisingly chill; they had umbrellas and there’s shade from some trees, etc. so it was pretty comfortable. They have 4 burgers on the menu and you have your choice of pork or beef. I went with a beef version of their signature burger and an order of their onion rings (THB 50.-). Staff were friendly and helpful, and it wasn’t too long of a wait to be served after ordering. So, on to the burger …

PaperButter and the Burger: THB 150.- (Apx. US $5.00)

“Apx. 105g beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion ring, PaperButter sauce and lightly toasted bun”

PaperButter The Burger Bangkok 1So, where to begin? When I was there, I met the owners Patrick (lukrung) and his partner Ice – I want to give them credit because I think they have put together a pretty cute space and you can tell they care about what they are doing. Overall, I enjoyed the burger. There were 2 standout things – 1 positive and 1 negative. For the positive, I really liked their PaperButter sauce – it tasted like some spicy mayo mustard mix or something like that … I really appreciated that their special sauce wasn’t a 1,000 island variation, which seems to be the default “special” sauce at burger joints. For the bad, I really did not like the onion ring on the burger (or even on their own for that matter – frozen variety, not much flavor). The onion ring to me was too doughy/mushy and it added a very unpleasant texture to the burger that I did not like at all. Now, I know this is a personal preference, so take it or leave it. What I think would have make it better, is if that said onion ring was very crunchy and had more of an onion taste to it – then we would be in business.

PaperButter Burger Bangkok CutAs for the beef patty – no real complaints. It didn’t strike me as outstanding … giving me that irresistible meaty goodness that I’d dream about for days … but it was ok, and gave me my daily burger fix. No fillers or unwanted bits or pieces, just blended with their seasoning and sauce. The cheddar cheese was of your processed variety, but that was fine. I like the creaminess it added to burger. All else was good. The buns they get custom made and for an extra 20 baht, you can get upgrade to a charcoal bun if you like that sort of thing. Overall, I’d say it’s worth a trip up (easy access via sky train) – not too expensive and it’s good to support small business! It’s a shame they will close at the end of the month, so get off your butt and get up there before they do.

BTS: ARI   –  Open Mon-Sat (Closed on Sun) : 2pm – xxx (check their website)

If anyone has tried this place or any others you think might be worth sharing … please do so on the BBB FB Page!


Bao & Buns

1 May

Bao and Buns American Bao Cut

Bao & Buns Sign27/1 Sukhumvit Soi 33 (next to Peppina), Tel.: 090 950 1666, Website: FB Page

I’ve been eating baos at this place for awhile now. It is, perhaps, one of my favorite neighborhood food destinations – which is a bit surprising because when it first opened, I thought it would just be a place I’d try once and forget about. I was wrong. Anyway, they brand themselves as serving “Taiwanese Street Burgers” … which until recently was a bit misleading. A burger to me needs to have some sort of ground meat patty … otherwise, in my book, you’re just a normal sandwich.

Bao and Buns Exterior Bao and Buns Burger Menu Bao and Buns Open Hours

 Note: all burgers are sandwiches, but not all sandwiches are burgers. Anyway, they recently they added an “American Bao” – which, you guessed it, comes with a ground beef patty. Hello burger! So, let’s get on with then …

American Bao: THB 170.- (Apx U.S. $ 5.67)

“B&B beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese and burger sauce service on  toasted white bao bun”

Bao and Buns American BaoOverall, I really enjoyed this burger. I would, and will, eat it again. The beef patty was simply seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper and then cooked up… it had a nice home-cooked taste to it. I did find a small bone piece in one of the bites, but aside from that consistency and texture was good. I don’t think this was a knock on the quality, must have just slipped by. The burger also had a nice patty to topping ratio. Not too much sauce or too many raw onions to drown out the burger (meat) flavor. I’m not 100% sold on the bun – I’d say I’m hovering around 90%  now – but I’ll have to eat another one to really make up my mind. The texture threw me off a bit. For some reason, I thought it was just join going to be a normal white burger bun. Silly me … it was a steamed bun. When I was eating it, I kept getting the feeling that the bun would stick to the roof of my mouth. I hate that; luckily it didn’t, but it could have been because I pretty much swallowed the burger whole – I was starving. Timing wise, I felt it was a bit slow. Mine took just 35+ minutes to come. They have a small kitchen, so it’s understandable. FYI: their regular boas usually come out much faster.

Bao and Buns American Bao Cut

Also, if you are quite hungry, I this burger was rather small – so you might need to order two or take one of their other baos as a starter. Verdict: this burger is worth checking out. It’s a simple, home-style burger with a twist.

If any of you guys have tried the burger here or what you think is the best burger in Bangkok, let us know your thoughts on the BBB facebook page. Burger on!!


17 Apr

Eatdustry Bangkok Waffel Burger Cut 2

Eatdustry Bangkok LogoDM Building G. Fl, between Thonglor 19&21, Tel. 0906270888, Facebook Page

Everyone and their mothers are serving burgers these days, and I suppose for a burger blog, that is a good thing. It just ensures that there is a never-ending supply of burgers in my quest to find some of the best burgers in Bangkok. In my latest outing, I found myself at a place called Eatdustry.

Eatdustry Interior 1 Eatdustry Exterior 2 Eatdustry Menu 1

The place is airy and clean, with both indoor and outdoor seating … an eating venue with a slight industrial feel — so, yeah, the name gives it away. It wasn’t too busy when we were there, which provided for a nice dining environment. Attentive service. And a nice break from the hustle of the city. The menu is quite diverse, with pastas & salads and an all-day breakfast menu to boot. But what I was in for was a burger … and they had a couple of those too. So let’s get to it.

Waffle Beef Burger: THB 320.- (Apx. US $10.67)

“110g beef patty, egg, cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato served on a fluffy waffle”

Eatdustry Waffle burger BangkokSo here’s the beef. When I saw the waffle burger on the menu I just had to have it. I love a good waffle and I love burgers, so I thought it was a match made it heaven. First impression: the waffle burger looked good. The waffle was big and fluffy and there was cheese everywhere. My stomach gave me the green light to gobble it down. Now all this anticipation was curbed as soon as I picked up the burger. The bottom waffle was soggy. ): I’m not a fan of soggy buns. And a soggy waffle is just a bad. (BTW, I just googled soggy waffle and I don’t recommend you do that.) Anyway, some of the moisture of the burger was soaked up by the bottom waffle piece, which pretty much ruined that part of the experience. On the plus side, the top piece maintained its waffle goodness. Regarding the beef patty, I thought it tasted ok, although a tad on bland side. Could of used a bit more salt perhaps. That said, it seemed to be of good quality and didn’t have any noticeable gristle or sinew it it.

Eatdustry Bangkok Waffel Burger CutAside from that, the description said “caramelized onions” but it came with raw ones (no big deal – just FYI) and when I asked for no egg on it, the server told me it didn’t come with one – fine by me, but it said it did in the description. Egg fans, you’ve been warned. Overall, I’d say the burger was just ok. All components together, waffle, burger & toppings didn’t leave me wanting more – it lacked general burger flavor – it was missing the meaty soul of the burgers I love and yearn for. Now, I should end this on a positive note. They didn’t skimp on the cheese, and I think that the waffle would have been great as just a waffle … without the burger in it that is. So if you’re a waffle fan, it’s worth checking out. Also, I had tried a bite of my wife’s burger. She ordered the cheese burger (pictured with the black bun below) … I think it had an overall better flavor profile. Although they didn’t mentioned this on the menu, the cheese burger she had came slathered in pesto — which made all of the difference.

Eatdustry Bangkok Cheese Burger Eatdustry Cheese Burger Bangkok Eatdustry Menu 2 Bangkok

If I were to go back, I would order this burger or the waffle fried chicken sandwich.

If any of you guys have tried the burger here or what you think is the best burger in Bangkok, let us know  what you think on the BBB facebook page. Burger on!!